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Zhejiang Starts a New Round of Secret Investigations for Elimination of below- Class V Waters

In order to cooperate with the Central Government’s environmental protection inspection, carefully spot out and shore up weak links in the work of “Five Water Governance”, and especially address the prominent issues occurring in eliminating below-Class V Waters, Zhejiang Province will, since August 28, initiate a new round of secret investigations for the elimination of inferior waters. Zhejiang Provincial Water Control Office (River Chief Office) will organize 11 inspection teams to visit different places in the province to find out weak links in water control and thoroughly spot the rebounding hazard.
These investigations mainly focus on the following aspects: as for the industrial parks, development zones and enterprises along rivers, whether the split-flow of the rain and sewage has been properly implemented, whether there exist phenomena of illegal or abnormal emission, and in the service sector (catering, car washing, hairdressing, bathing, etc.), whether waste water has been directly drained into rivers; as for cities and towns, whether domestic sewage has been directly drained into rivers, whether there exist phenomena of confusion of rain and sewage, and taking the rainwater vent as sewage vent in sunny days; as for the livestock and poultry breeding, whether there exist situations like over-breeding or newly breeding, or re-breeding in breeding-forbidding areas, and whether there exits hazards of illegal emissions; as for rural areas, whether domestic sewage has been properly collected and water-treating facilities properly operated; and whether the public signs of river chiefs have been placed in order, whether they could be connected by phone and come to the site timely for handling problems, and whether the river channel cleaning mechanism has been properly executed.
These investigations are carried out in secret ways under the principle of “three nots” (not appointing the time, not giving notices in advance and not hearing reports) and “three directs” (direct site-heading, direct inspections and direct exposure). The Provincial Water Control Office (River Chief Office) has set up a reporting hot line, with the number being 0571—28059377 and a reporting email, with the address being zjszsbdcz@163.com.

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