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The Various Wine Bottles at the Yellow Wine Industry Exposition Gave You an Eye-opening Experience

The innovative development of the yellow wine industry should attach importance not only to quality improvement, but also to innovation promotion. The yellow wine bottles of different materials and shapes from all over the country exhibited at the first China (International) Yellow Wine Industry Exposition opening on November 7th attracted quite a number of people.

“Generally speaking, most of yellow wine bottles are made of ceramics or glass. We use a special kind of porcelain called 'yuci' in Chinese instead of ceramics so that the wine in the bottle can avoid direct sunlight. What’s more, the wine can be sealed well in yuci bottles which can be recycled.” He Jianfang, a worker of Suzhou Jingyu Porcelain Co Ltd showed their first yuci wine bottle that is white all over with blue pattern and very graceful.

“Yuci is a mix of ceramic whiteware and glass which we use to make cosmetics bottles. In 2015, we cooperated with some yellow wine companies and designed the first yellow wine bottle of which the sales reached 4 million in the first year. Later, we cooperated with more yellow wine companies such as Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd and Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd. We have had nearly ten different designs of yuci wine bottles so far. Our bottles are welcomed by the market according to our cooperative companies,” said He Jianfang.

“Is it also a wine bottle shaped like cowboy?” “Yes. There is original liquor stored for 17 years in the bottle.” In front of the booth of Zhejiang Shengta Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd stood a crowd of people. They thought the wine bottles were beautiful and could be kept after drinking up the wine.

Jade cabbage, jixiang ruyi (means good luck and happiness) pipa, Fukurokuju... there were many creative wine bottles with various shapes and a good meaning in their patterns at the expo. “These bottles are our latest designs. We should not only ensure good taste of yellow wine, but also make wine bottles popular and creative,” said a worker.

To appeal to young consumers, the design of wine bottles tends to be younger. A company from Fujian Province launched a special type of ice yellow wine of which the bottle is shaped the same as a red wine bottle and even the screw-top is replaced with the cork. A worker named Xu Jing said, “This type of yellow wine is popular not only among the young, but also among business people.” 

In addition to materials and shapes, patterns on bottles are also creative. Shaoxing Shiye Wine Co Ltd has just launched a new type of yellow wine of which the bottle is with emojis on. The designer Ruan Chunxiao said, “Nowadays many young people drink just a little bit of wine, so we designed these small bottles of 100ml with interesting emojis on.” The exhibitors were yellow wine companies around the country. Patterns on bottles were innovative and colorful, covering characters from some classic works such as The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and The Return of the Condor Heroes. Moreover, some Shaoxing idioms were also used with wit and humor.

Here are some photos of yellow wine bottles taken at the expo:

[Photos above from Shaoxing Evening Paper]

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