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Film and Television Innovation Town will Be Set up in Anchang

It is reported that the Film and Television Innovation Town will be set up by Shaoxing Cultural and Creative Corridor Development Co Ltd in Anchang Town, so the ancient town will have a fashion element.

As one of the main achievements of the first Shaoxing (Keqiao) New Film Festival, Anchang Film and Television Innovation Town will be built into a resource-intensive film and television cultural industry base which integrates exhibition, tourism, copyright trading of film and television works, film and television talents’ settling down and starting up business, and film and television crew’s stationing. Zhang Qi, chairman of Shaoxing Cultural and Creative Corridor Development Co Ltd said that they would deeply connect with domestic and foreign film and television production companies based on the historical and cultural resources of Ancient Town of Anchang and Shaoxing to promote the high-quality development of the film and television cultural industry of Shaoxing.

The first Shaoxing (Keqiao) New Film Festival was themed on “Old Times · New Future” and it was closed on December 2nd. During the festival, a series of activities were held, including the Night of Australia---the Australian film and television resources promotion conference, road show review of excellent venture capital projects, the signing ceremony of the settlement of the Film and Television Innovation Town, new film crew’s press conferences, special topic forums and the classic film exhibition.

At the film festival, a lot of quality film resources were pooled in Shaoxing. The rich resources were shared and exchanged without barrier. Many filmmakers of new generation began to pursue their dreams here. The most eye-catching was a film support program called “New 100” launched by Zhejiang New Cultural Media Co Ltd which aims to pool quality film resources by setting up a film and television alliance and make 100 films in three to five years. During the festival, the first 12 shortlisted film projects put on roadshows, and eventually 6 to 8 projects will be selected for shooting.

In recent years, our city’s cultural industry has developed rapidly. Currently, there are more than 20,000 cultural enterprises in our city among which 641 are enterprises above designated size. Last year, the added value of cultural industry was 26.416 billion yuan with Keqiao accounting for nearly one third. “At present, our city is making every effort to build up the Cultural and Creative Corridor. We hope to innovate the development mode of the film and television cultural industry of Shaoxing through setting up film and television resource platforms such as the film festival and the film and television innovation town to bring new energy to the development of the cultural industry of Shaoxing,” said an official of the propaganda department of the Municipal Committee.

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