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Shaoxing Is Selected as a City with Beautiful Mountains and Waters

It is learned from the municipal environmental protection department that Shaoxing, as a landscape city model with harmony between man and nature, is selected as a city with beautiful mountains and waters, making it the only city in our province that wins the honor this year.

This year is the second year of the selection organized by the China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association(CECRPA). Firstly, the media select several cities. Secondly, these cities confirm their application. Thirdly, experts review the shortlist and determine the selected ones. Finally, 12 cities are selected out across the country.

It is said that if selected as a city with beautiful mountains and waters, the city should meet six standards: the city respects the natural ecology and the ecological environment of the city is good; the city respects history and culture, and has traditional buildings and unique customs; the urban construction integrates with landscapes and the city is covered with green; citizens have a sense of gain, happiness and security getting from the ecological environment and have an awareness of protecting the environment; the urban planning and architecture have different features from other cities; the city can correctly handle the relationship between development and protection with powerful economic forces.

In recent years, our city has promulgated and implemented many local laws and regulations such as Regulations of Shaoxing on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution, Regulations of Shaoxing on the Protection of Water Resources. Meanwhile, Shaoxing has carried out Blue Sky Protection Campaign, Clear Water Action, soil remediation, waste clean-up and other pollution prevention and control battles. As a result, the ecological environment of our city continues to improve and the public’s satisfaction and sense of gain are growing. “Shaoxing wins out over many other cities because of its excellent performance in the above six criteria,” a person concerned said.

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