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Many Voluntary Activities Were Carried Out in Shaoxing on the 33rd International Volunteer Day


December 5th this year is the 33rd International Volunteer Day. On this day, Shaoxing Civilization Office, Yuecheng District Party Committee Propaganda Department and Yuecheng Civilization Office held a theme activity at Lei Feng Square of Intime to celebrate this special day by means of a variety of voluntary activities. At the same time, hundreds of voluntary activities were carried out across the city.

There were many volunteers at the scene. 11 volunteer teams provided a lot of voluntary service  for citizens, including stoning, mending shoes, tailoring, haircut, home appliance repair, massage, free clinic, legal advice and psychological counseling, and popularized body donation and safety protection as well.

The performance kicked off with the dance program Dedication of Love. Some wonderful programs such as the recitation of Believe in the Future, yoga Floating Clouds and Flowing Water, won warm applause from the audience. The recitation of We Always Have Company embodied the volunteer spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual help and progress which infected every audience.

It is known that our city has had 860,000 volunteers, among which the registered volunteers are the most active in the province.

The event aimed to unite volunteers, advocate and spread the volunteer spirit, lead society to pay attention to volunteers and take part in voluntary activities, and create a good atmosphere of asking volunteers for help when we have difficulties and being a volunteer when we are free to push the construction of a national civilized city.

[Photos above from shaoxing.com.cn]

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