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Provincial Leaders Held a Symposium in Shaoxing to Solicit Opinions and Suggestions on the Work Report of the Provincial Government

On the afternoon of January 9th, a group of provincial leaders led by the deputy governor Zhu Congjiu held a symposium in Shaoxing to solicit opinions and suggestions on the work report of the provincial government from some deputies to the Provincial People’s Congress and provincial CPPCC members who are in Shaoxing, Shaoxing Government, some district and county (city) governments of Shaoxing and some municipal departments.

At the symposium, the attendees shared experience and put forward suggestions on the work report, creating a warm atmosphere. They thought the work report draft fully implements the spirit of the nineteenth CPC National Congress and the decisions and arrangements deployed by the provincial Party committee. The work report looks far ahead while practical, with new development concept and the idea of seeking improvement in stability throughout. The contents of reviewing the achievements made last year are substantial with clear theme. The goals set for the new year are inspiring and motivating. In terms of many aspects, including the high-quality development of manufacturing, the development of private enterprises, rural governance, the integration of medical service, Hangzhou-Shaoxing-Ningbo urban integration development, environmental protection, and e-government service optimization, the attendees offered their opinions and came up with many suggestions.

Zhu Congjiu listened carefully and discussed with the attendees on some issues from time to time. He thanked the attendees for their concern and support for the work of the provincial government. He said everyone was fully prepared for the symposium, expressed opinions directly and frankly, and the proposals were constructive, pointed and typical. The provincial government will sort out the proposals, study them carefully and fully absorb them, and then further revise and improve the work report, build consensus in the whole province, pool wisdom, and respond to people’s concerns so as to promote high-quality economic and social development of our province.

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