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A Theatrical Festival Jointly Organized by Shaoxing and Awati Took Place

[Photo by Zhang Bin/Shaoxing Evening Paper]

On January 2nd, a theatrical festival of Shaoxing·Awati Cultural Tourism Week took place in Shaoxing Culture Center. Performers from Shaoxing and Awati, Xinjiang presented a cultural feast to audience.

Shaoxing and Awati have a lot in common that make the two places closer through the theatrical festival. For example, Shaoxing has Jian Lake, and Awati is the birthplace of Tarim; Shaoxing has the ancient Yue Culture and Awati is the hometown of Dao Lang Culture; Shaoxing Rice Wine is famous all over the world, and Awati is famous for its musalles made from grapes.

The show kicked off with a local song of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Is a Good Place. Then a Shao opera She Tai Jun and a Lian Hua Lao (a traditional Chinese folk art form consisting of talking and singing) program Shaoxing Celebrities and Shaoxing Wine which show unique features of Yue Culture were staged to the audience from Awati County. The performers of Awati gave local performances of Dao Lang song and dance that are bold, heroic and with ethnic characteristics so that Shaoxing people had a chance to feel the unique charm of Dao Lang Culture.

We should take this cultural exchange as an opportunity, learn from Shaoxing, give full play to the advantages of the natural ecology and culture of Awati County to vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry, relay on the platform and carrier provided by Shaoxing to better propagate Awati and tell more people the story of Awati so as to enhance the reputation and influence of Awati, said Hua Weijie, head of the propaganda department of Awati County Party Committee.

The event was hosted by Propaganda Department of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, Central Committee of Awati County, Awati County Government, Working Committee for Shaoxing Municipal Organs Directly under the Central Government, Shaoxing Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, and Shaoxing Federation of Literature and Art Circles.

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