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Pork market must be adequately supplied with stable price, says Yuan Jiajun

On the morning of the 20th, Governor Yuan Jiajun hosted a special meeting for the provincial government to thoroughly implement the spirit of the recent State Council executive meeting and the spirit of the national video teleconference on stabilizing the pig market, to analyze the current supply and demand of pork in our province, and to further take measures for stabilizing the production and supply of pigs and their prices.

The meeting pointed out that for some time, due to the influence of the African swine epidemic and the cyclical structural adjustment of pig production, our province, like other places in the country, has experienced great pressure in the production and supply of pigs. In this regard, the provincial government and relevant departments attached great importance to the problems, strengthened regulations with scientific and comprehensive measures, and timely introduced eight measures to further promote the supply of live pigs to the market. On this basis, the government has also formulated the "Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Pig Industry" and the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Incremental Development of the Pig Industry in Zhejiang Province". At present, the basic production and supply of pigs in the province are generally stable.

The meeting stressed that pig production and supply is closely related to the stability of the people's lives and prices, as well as the high-quality development of agriculture. With the coming of the peak season of pork consumption such as the National Day, the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, it is imperative to do a good job in stabilizing the production and prices. All local departments must fully understand the importance of stabilizing the production and supply of pigs, and follow the requirements of Party Secretary Che Jun about the stable production and supply. All departments should take up their responsibilities, adopt the right measures, and improve the indicator system, work system, policy system and evaluation system for stabilizing the production and supply of live pigs. We must do everything possible to stabilize and restore pig production, improve market supply capacity, and strengthen the prevention and control of African swine epidemic, so as to ensure the stabilization of pig production, supply and price.

First, we must quickly stabilize and restore pig production, strictly implement the mayor responsibility system for “food basket”, resolutely clean up unreasonable pig ban regulations, and earnestly strengthen the policy support for pig farms so long as they are free of environmental pollution. We should actively help aquaculture enterprises and pork processing plants to solve practical difficulties, build some new ones, rebuild and expand some old ones, and co-build some new ones by cross-regional cooperation, so as to effectively increase the amount of live pigs. Second, we must do everything possible to ensure market supply, deepen the analysis of consumption in key time periods and key areas by key populations, and strengthen the monitoring and early warning of pork market and the linkage of production and sales. We will release the dynamic information of the market in a timely manner, focus on the transfer of live pigs and the storage of frozen pork, reasonably increase the production of seasonal pork substitutes, and crack down on illegal activities such as raising prices, so as to ensure that there is no shortage of pork supply. Third, we must vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the pig industry for high-quality development, accelerate the standardization, greening, recycling, scale, digitization and base development of the pig industry, effectively improve the self-sufficiency rate of pigs and industrial competitiveness, and strive to get out of the strange “pig cycle”. Fourth, we must take advantage of the linkage mechanism of social assistance and security standards with price rise to ensure the basic livelihood of the people in need. Fifth, we must do a good job in the prevention and control of African swine fever, improve the construction of animal epidemic prevention systems, and strengthen the supervision of key episodes and key links, so as to eliminate potential risks in time.


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