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Provincial government holds 28th executive meeting

On the afternoon of the 20th, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 28th executive meeting of the provincial government to review the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Basic Scientific Research", "Regulations on Promoting the Development of Private Enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Civil Affairs in the New Era", "Measures on Preventing and Resolving Major Financial Risks in Zhejiang Province", "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction and Supervision of Land and Space Planning System", and "Opinions on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Pig Industry".

The meeting pointed out that strengthening basic scientific research is a fundamental measure to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy and promote high-quality development. We should take the peak basic research action plan as a starting point to lay a good foundation for comprehensive basic research. We must persist in doing something different, focus on key tasks and key areas, and give a full play to the major platforms such as Zhejiang University, Westlake University, and Zhijiang Laboratories, We must incite civil capital to increase investment in basic research, and promote the integrated development of basic research, applied research and industrial technology innovation. We must establish a cross-regional, cross-sectoral, and cross-industrial coordinative mechanism, and strengthen the integration of science and education, of industry, academia and research, and of military and civilian, so as to achieve more and greater results as early as possible.

The meeting pointed out that to promote the high-quality development of the civil affairs in the new era, we must adhere to the people-centered development thinking, take the protection and improvement of people's livelihood as the primary task of civil affairs, continue to deepen the reform and innovation in the field of civil affairs, and strive to create a more secure and sustainable demonstration zone where people have a more substantial sense of security, so as to promote overall social progress.

The meeting pointed out that to prevent and resolve major financial risks, we must strengthen the bottom line thinking, actively respond to difficult risks, focus on key areas such as corporate debt, Internet finance, corporate bankruptcy reorganization, and pin down the regional responsibilities of the Party Committee and the government, the supervisory responsibilities of the financial supervisory departments, the entity responsibilities of the financial institutions and corporate. We must focus on risk mitigation on the one hand, and service for entities on the other hand, so as to effectively safeguard the economic security and financial ecology of Zhejiang province.

The meeting pointed out that the construction of the national land planning system is a major reform. We must adhere to the principle of "integrating multiple regulations," pay close attention to planning and management, strengthen rigid management, highlight the effectiveness of projects, and accelerate the construction of a full-scale planning system with hierarchical classification and global elements.

The meeting also discussed other issues.

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