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Provincial Party, government, military leaders present flowers baskets to revolutionary martyrs; Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun, Zheng Shanjie present

September 30 is the National Martyr’s Day. On the morning of that day, the leaders of the Party, the government and the military and representatives from all walks of life in the province and Hangzhou came to the Monument to the Zhejiang Revolutionary Martyrs in Yunju Mountain, Hangzhou, and offered flowers baskets to the people's heroes, so as to honor the revolutionary martyrs, pass down the revolutionary spirit, and remember the original aspiration and the mission.

The Yunju Mountain, which is hidden by the pines and cypresses, looks serene and solemn, with the Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs of Zhejiang towering magnificently. At 9 o'clock in the morning, Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun, Zheng Shanjie and other Provincial Party and government leaders and representatives of people from all walks of life, the PLA and AP officers and police officers, walked to the front of the monument, neatly lined up, and stood still in silent respect.

The ceremony of dedicating flower baskets officially began with the playing of the trumpet. Along with the majestic "The March of the Volunteers", everyone began to sing the national anthem in unison. After the song, everyone stood up silently to mourn the martyrs who had devoted their lives to the cause of the Chinese people's liberation and the cause of the Republic's construction. Following that, the young pioneers, with red scarf round the neck and chrysanthemums in hand, sang "We Are Communist Successors", expressing their firm determination to establish a far-reaching ideal and inherit the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors.

Accompanied by the affectionate "Flower Dedication Music", the honor guard soldiers raised nine flower baskets and marched towards the monument, placing the flower baskets one by one in front of the monument base. On the red satin ribbon of the flower basket, there are six golden characters that say "To the immortal revolutionary martyrs." The fiery red anthurium and the fragrant lily are entrusted with the infinite memory and high respect for the revolutionary martyrs. The nine flower baskets are presented by the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, the provincial government, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the PLA and the Armed Police Force stationed in Zhejiang Province, the provincial democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and non-party patriots, people's organizations and people from all walks of life, veteran soldiers, veteran comrades and martyrs' families, and the provincial young pioneers.

Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun, Feng Wenping, and Liang Liming walked slowly to the front of the flower baskets, carefully arranging the flower basket ribbons. Subsequently, the leaders of the Provincial Party, the government and the military forces, and representatives from all walks of life bowed three times to the monument, and walked slowly around the monument to pay deep attention to the Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs.

Presided over by Zheng Shanjie, the ceremony was attended by 800 participants, including the leaders of the Party and the government, senior comrades above the deputy-provincial level, leaders from Provincial military regions and armed police, representatives of veteran soldiers and martyrs' families, some government department officials, representatives of the PLA, the armed police and the police officers, and representatives of primary and secondary school students.


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