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The 6th meeting of the Financial and Economic Commission of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee held

On October 24, the 6th meeting of the Financial and Economic Commission of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee was held, focusing on the construction of 9 key projects for the promotion of the capacity of natural disaster prevention and control in this province, the plan for the implementation of the prevention and resolution of major risks, and the preparation for the enforcement of the New Land Management Law. Che Jun, secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and director of the Financial and Economic Commission of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and act on the decisions and deployments of the Financial and Economic Commission of CPC Central Committee, in order to better combine the prevention of risks, the enhancement of reform, and the promotion of development to promote sound economic and social development in a steady manner.

Yuan Jiajun and other members of the Financial and Economic Commission of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, and the heads of the relevant provincial departments of the provincial government attended the meeting.

Che Jun pointed out that natural disasters occurred frequently in this province, and that there are still many aspects of weakness, despite the overall improvement of the prevention and control capabilities of natural disasters in recent years. We must profoundly study and understand the important ideas of General Secretary Xi Jinping on disaster prevention and mitigation, and systematically plan to establish an efficient and scientific natural disaster prevention and control system from a global and strategic perspective. We must strengthen reform and innovation, and stimulate motivation, and focus on the priority of prevention, and the integration of prevention and control, to speed up the construction of a disaster prevention and control system that features the coordination between the government, social forces and the market mechanism. We must be good at using such advanced technologies as big data, the Internet, and artificial intelligence, to enhance the abilities of the sharing of disaster information, forecasting and early warning, and resource coordination and dispatching and thus to effectively reduce disaster risks and effectively reduce disaster losses. We must focus on dealing with minor issues at an early stage and enhancing abilities, to earnestly promote the nine key projects that General Secretary Xi Jinping has deployed. We must base the projects initiated on the latest national requirements, to set higher standards to ensure that we are at the forefront. We must speed up the planning and designing for those projects which have not been initiated, to strive to start them as soon as possible. We must adhere to the problem-orientation, to carefully sort out the outstanding shortcomings and weaknesses and to accelerate the promotion of these projects categorically. At the same time, we must strengthen publicity and guidance, to improve the public’s ability to escape from danger, and self-help and mutual assistance. All localities and departments at all levels must work together to form a joint force, and meanwhile all localities must shoulder their due responsibility, to ensure a rewarding result for all the work and to ensure the overall improvement of the capabilities of the comprehensive prevention and control of natural disasters

Che Jun emphasized that preventing and resolving financial risks is related to the overall development of the while province and is a major barrier interfering with high-quality development. We must fully implement the decisions and deployments made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to strengthen the financial services for the real economy, promote the structural reform of the financial supply side, vigorously implement the “smooth funding project”, strive to prevent and resolve financial risks, and fundamentally improve the effectiveness of the financial services for the real economy. The service entities must be more powerful, to fully implement the spirit of the financial work symposium of CPC Zhijiang Provincial Committee and thus to ensure the steady growth of total financing and increment, the significant expansion the coverage of market entities, the significant increase of the medium and long-term loans for manufacturing, the more convenience for corporate financing, the reduction of financing costs, and the effective control of the corporate liquidity risks. We must make the prevention and control of risks more precise. To this end, all local departments and financial institutions must take the initiative to give top priority to the prevention and resolution of financial risks, and adhere to problem-orientation, classified strategies, and precise resolution. We must ensure the coordination of governments, enterprises and bankers, and the cooperation between the province, cities and counties, so as to form a comprehensive financial risk prevention and control pattern across the province.

Che Jun emphasized that the land system is a basic system, which is closely related to the interests of the people and the long-term stability of the country. The new “Land Management Law” will be enforced on January 1 next year. Governments at all levels and natural resource management authorities must thoroughly understand the spirit, seize opportunities, and take the initiative, to strengthen research and planning, prepare for implementation, and continue to promote reforms of land use, to continuously improve the ability of intensive and economical land use, and thus to ensure the smooth enforcement of the new law for more benefits.

Other issues were also discussed at the meeting.

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