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Digital transformation of the government: making every government service easy

Date:2019-11-12 09:42

A few days ago, Wang Aihua, a 74-year-old man living in Songtai sub-district, Lucheng District, Wenzhou, found that his ID card had been lost when returning home after shopping. Under the guidance of his grandson, she clicked open the “Zheliban” APP (an online government service platform), and quickly completed the loss reporting process after personal information checking, and face identification. “I was going to the police station for loss reporting. But to my surprise, I made it so quickly on my mobile phone.” The old lady said that she would introduce the “Zheliban” APP to more people.

The “Zheliban” APP is a uniform mobile government service platform in Zhejiang Province. It was upgraded from the “Zhejiang Government Service Network” APP launched five years ago at the beginning of this year. Currently, it can handle more than 430 convenience services including public payment, medical registration, and provident fund withdrawal, and handling of violations of traffic regulations. This APP, connecting government departments at provincial, municipal, county (city, district), and township (sub-district) levels, has become the platform of choice for the people, with the number of registered users reaching more than 28 million. Aiming at “making every government service easy for the people”, it displays a great confidence in the context of the deepening of the digital transformation of the government in Zhejiang.

When recently coming to Zhejiang Provincial Big Data Development Administration at No. 213, Baochu Road, Hangzhou, the reporter heard such a discussion: “Can this form be filled out by data call for the user?” “Can this matter be dealt with online?” Zhejiang Provincial Big Data Development Administration, newly established in the institutional reform last year, is responsible for the missions of deepening the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” and promoting the government’s digital transformation. It is the very organizer and promoter of the current “Zheliban”. “Zheliban” has been constantly upgrading its services to enhance the user experience. The newly launched “rating” system for the government service is designed to enable people to rate service efficiency, service quality, service attitude, etc. after they get served, in the way that they rate the products after shopping online. Once receiving “bad evaluation”, the relevant departments will implement the rectification accordingly and thus force the departments involved to further improve their services.

The reason why “Zheliban” is so popular among people is that Zhejiang has been continuing to build a service-oriented government under the guidance of the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”. At the end of 2016, on the basis of the reform of “four checklists and one network”, Zhejiang, focusing on the difficulties of people in getting government services, implemented the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”. As an important support for the integration of online and offline services in this reform, “Zheliban” undertakes the mission of “the online transfer of data replacing face-to-face services”.

The digital transformation of the government has brought about process re-engineering, thus promoting the transformation from “resorting to the departments” to “turning to the governments” when people want to get government services, and finally achieving “mobile service”. According to the concept of a whole government, “Zheliban” has been applied to more than 3,000 administrative agencies, more than 1,300 townships (sub-districts) and more than 20,000 villages (communities). The public only need to complete the identity verification before enjoying the convenience service provided by various departments on the mobile phone. Till now, 41 “one issue” in the whole life cycle of people and enterprises, including the “one issue” of enterprises, has been launched on “Zheliban”.

The realization of “mobile service” through “Zheliban” also depends on the extensive use of more cutting-edge technologies. According to the person in charge of the operation of “Zheliban”, behind this APP, there is big data and massive data collected by cloud computing technologies, and there are such technologies as artificial intelligence, face identification and block chain guaranteeing convenience and security, in order that “we are exploring the use of various modern information technologies to continuously improve the user experience on “Zheliban”.

It is introduced that, in addition to the mobile service platform “Zheliban”, governments at all levels in Zhejiang Province are widely using the online office platform “Zhezhengding” and continuously improving the level of supervision services and thus the government’s efficiency and capabilities in all aspects through the construction of digital projects. “Digital transformation is a cutting-edge government governance revolution.” The person in charge said, “It requires us to actively use the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other techniques, to highlight the leading, inciting and empowering role of digitalization and to apply the digital transformation into all aspects of local governance. With the continuous improvement of the efficiency of government governance, making every government service easy for people will become an reality as soon as possible.”

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