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Governor Yuan Jiajun presides over 30th executive meeting of provincial government

On the afternoon of January 1, governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 30th executive meeting of the provincial government to analyze the economic situation in the first three quarters and study and plan the economic work for the fourth quarter.

The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, faced with the complex and severe situation and the external environment of instability and uncertainty, the whole province has followed the guidance of Xi Jinping thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, and resolutely implemented the decisions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. We will continue to maintain a high-quality development momentum by firmly promoting high-quality development, maintain overall economic stability, make progress in stability, and unswervingly promote high quality development.

The meeting stressed that the fourth quarter is the season of sprint and finish. All departments should attach great importance to the new situation and new problems in the economic operation, enhance the awareness of hardship, highlight stable growth and keep economic operation in a reasonable range, maintain strategic calmness, stand up to downward pressure, continue to deepen "three service activities", and strive to sprint in the fourth quarter to ensure the completion of the main goals of economic and social development throughout the year. First, we must focus on industrial production, put "industry stabilization" in the top priority, target precisely at large industrial cities and counties and key industries, do a good job in serving enterprises, and implement all policies to benefit enterprises. Second, we must unswervingly push forward scientific and technological innovation, especially enterprise innovative development, implement the digital economy project in depth, energetically promote the "double increase" plan of science and technology enterprises, and accelerate the creation of a highland in "Internet +" science and technology and healthy life. Third, we must make every effort to promote project construction, focus on major manufacturing projects, infrastructure improvement projects and major projects concerning people's livelihood, further consolidate the responsibility of the city and county governments in investment attraction and key project construction, and ensure that no less than 50% of the projects initiated by provincial, municipal and county leaders are under construction. Fourth, we must make every effort to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, strengthen the policy combination of provinces, cities and counties, do a good job in stabilizing foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign markets, and the employment of export enterprises, and strengthening high-quality enterprises and the industrial chain, and actively help and guide enterprises to develop diversified markets and build famous brands. Fifth, we must continue to push forward major reforms, deepen the "maximum one visit" service procedure reform and the digital transformation of the government, strengthen the application of the reform towards "area-based evaluation", and create the best business environment. Sixthly, we must speed up the research on next year's economic work and the 14th five year plan, plan a number of key projects, policies, reforms and platforms, and focus on work safety at the end of the year and the beginning of the next year.

The meeting also listened to special reports on the scientific prevention and control of typhoon and flood disasters. The meeting demanded that we must stand at the height of political awareness, effectively improve our political standing, and conscientiously straighten out our guiding ideology in flood prevention, and resolutely aim at the goal of "no death, less injury, less loss", which was set by General Secretary Xi Jinping while he was working in Zhejiang. We must speed up the establishment of a work system consisting of a map, a list, a diagram, a platform, a guide, and a database, strengthen the construction of infrastructure for preventing major disasters, and further improve the ability for geological hazard control and risk management, mountain flood and urban waterlogging prevention and control.

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