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Zhejiang ranked second in the private enterprise evaluation report released by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce

In the report on the evaluation of the business environment by private enterprises recently released by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhejiang surpasses Beijing for the first time, second only to Shanghai, ranking second in the country. Strikingly, the government affairs environment ranks first in the country.

The quality of the business environment directly affects the rise and fall of market entities, the accumulation of production factors, and the strength of development momentum. It is an important indicator of the modernization of governance systems and governance capabilities. It is reported that this survey on the evaluation of business environment by private enterprises has involved a total of 41,275 companies from 200 cities, mainly focusing on five dimensions: factors, rule of law, government affairs, market and innovation. Acting on the domestic and international first-class standards, the business environment in Zhejiang has leapt to a new level.

The market-oriented business environment reduces the burden on enterprises. The speed of approval of enterprise investment projects is accelerated, which is the focus and difficulty of optimizing the business environment in Zhejiang.

On the basis of the reform target of the approval period of “a maximum of 100 days” before the start of the average enterprise investment project in 2018, the approval of enterprise investment projects in Zhejiang continued to “accelerate”, to reduce “a maximum of 100 days” to “a maximum of 90 days” before the end of this year.

“This is due to the accelerated data sharing in Zhejiang, integrating multiple approval systems into ‘an approval system’, eliminating data barriers, and improving the efficiency of approval.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the reform of investment approval has considerably reduced the time cost of investment; the deepening of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” reform has enabled the introduction of the “10+N” facilitation action to optimize the business environment, achieving one-day completion of the approval of the start-up of enterprises and thus reducing the start-up fee by more than 20%; the market-oriented reform of innovative factors has reduced the price of non-household natural gas by 9.5%... A series of market-oriented reforms related to enterprises have greatly reduced the burden for enterprises.

“Traditional services” have been transformed into “digital government services”, making the service for enterprises more convenient and efficient. Without submitting any print materials and personal visit, Changshan County Water Development Investment Co., Ltd. has obtained an electronic license for water withdrawal permit. This is the first administrative license for the implementation of electronic license management in the national water conservancy system. Aiming at creating “a city of services without print certification”, Quzhou City has completed digital connection with 66 provincial and ministerial-level systems, and connected all municipal systems into provincial systems.

In Zhejiang, the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” is being transformed into the “No Visit Service Procedure” in an accelerated manner. The digital transformation of the government is being promoted and the digital technology is being applied in various fields. Relying on “Zheliban”, Zhejiang has been maximally realizing the online administrative power and public services, to speed up the creation of “a province of mobile services” and “a province of mobile office”.  By the end of September, 94.6% of government services have been provided online, with an online completion rate of 80.2%.

Meanwhile, the legalization and internationalization of the business environment have been accelerated. All this culminates in announcing the implementation of the province’s first negative market entry list, drafting the implementation measures for the province’s entrepreneur-participating policy-making mechanism, fully implementing the treatment of foreign enterprises as local enterprises before their market entry, and establishing the business environment evaluation system based on the international standards...Zhejiang is implementing a variety of measures to provide more and more companies with convenience.

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