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"Separation of certificates and licenses" reform to be promoted throughout Zhejiang

In the early morning of December 2, Shao Leibin, a staff member of the Economic Development Bureau of the Marine Industry Cluster Zone of Zhoushan Islands, came to Zhoushan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to apply for a business license for a company in the Free Trade Zone. It took less than one hour to get the license after submitting the materials.

This is the first working day for Zhejiang Free Trade Pilot Zone to carry out the pilot project of "separation of certificates and licenses" reform. Soon, this convenience will no longer be exclusive to the free trade zone. As the reporter learned from the Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the pilot work will be promoted to the whole province from January 1, 2020.

The "separation of certificates and licenses" reform aims to greatly reduce administrative approval procedures and solve the problem of "no operation is allowed after entry". Since January 2018, the pilot reform has been carried out in Zhejiang Free Trade Pilot Zone, involving 106 items related to business licenses, and has been promoted to the whole province since November 10 of that year. Up to now, the province has handled 595,000 issues related with "certificate-license separation" reform.

On November 27 this year, the provincial government officially issued the Implementation Plan for Zhejiang Province to Carry Out Full Coverage of "Certificate-License Separation" Reform Pilot, and simultaneously published the To-Do List of Full Coverage Pilot for "Certificate-License Separation" Reform in Zhejiang Province (2019 Version), which aims to offer a full coverage list management on 518 items involving enterprise business licenses decided by laws, administrative regulations and the State Council.

For 518 items related with business licenses, our province will promote the reform in four ways: canceling approval directly, changing approval to filing, implementing notification and commitment, and optimizing approval service. On the basis of the reform conducted by the Central Government, 174 business license related matters in our province have been reformed with greater efforts, better services and simpler approval procedures, including 121 items with further simplified approval procedures, and 84 items involving the decentralization of approval authority.

The Provincial Big Data Development Administration will strengthen overall coordination and technical support, vigorously promote data sharing, data collection and application to provide support for reform. At the same time, the province will strengthen supervision and improve the new supervision system with credit supervision as the basis and key supervision as supplement.

"Relying on the provincial administrative law enforcement and supervision platform, we will carry out classified supervision according to enterprise credit, and promote the "reduction of certificates after getting licenses" and simplified approval procedures, so as to further optimize the business environment of our province," said an official from the Provincial Market Supervision Administration.

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