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Nearly 30% of People in Zhejiang Take Exercise Every Day

How to do a good job in the sports work in Zhejiang in 2019? On the afternoon of January 21, the heads of the sports departments of the province gathered together to discuss a number of measures.


According to a survey of grassroots sports work in the province in 2018, 73.2% of Zhejiang people participate in physical exercise “once a week”, 27.5% do it “everyday”, and only 7.5% “seldom” take exercise. Although many people participate in physical exercise, there are not many who really understand the proper way of taking exercise, and there is still no effective guidance. This year, the province will place the work of sports in a more important position, comprehensively achieve sports modernization, and constantly improve the public health service system for the people, so that the people may have more sense of well-being and happiness.


For the lack of sports venues, especially indoor venues, all local departments will try to combine with the community cultural center and the rural cultural auditorium to incorporate sports functions and build an indoor sports ground within easy reach of the people. At the same time, all local departments will vigorously build sporting parks, greenways and hiking trails to meet the diverse needs of the people.


It should also be well managed. After the sports facilities are built, it is necessary to find a suitable management organization, so that the people can solve the problem by simply making a phone call. At the same time, the province will launch a pilot program of the smart community fitness center to let the people take exercise at ease and safely.



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