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Zhejiang Beats the Target in Key Construction Projects in 2018

The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the key construction tasks of our province in 2018 were overfulfilled. In the whole year, there were 833 key construction projects in the province, with a total planned investment of 2,548.5 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 382.3 billion yuan. By the end of December last year, the province had completed an investment of 413 billion yuan in key projects, which is 108% of the annual planned investment, and 98 projects were completed and put into operation, which is 113% of the annual target. Compared with the planned completion rate in the first three quarters, the investment progress has continued to accelerate.

The investment structure is continuously optimized. Since last year, focusing on the construction of the Greater Bay Area, the Greater Garden, the Greater Channel, and the Greater Metropolitan Area, the province had implemented the “4+1” major projects action plan, and accelerated the promotion of the four major project packages. The investment in the high-tech industrial project package was completed 120% in the year, with a number of major industrial projects associated with the provincial leaders smoothly accelerated, such as Pfizer Global Bio Center. The transportation construction project package was completed 105%, of which the investment in railway project construction was more than 18 billion yuan in the year. The ecological environment project package was completed 106%, of which the investment in the water conservancy project was 30.8 billion yuan, with a completion rate of 117%.

The intensity and quality of the investment continue to increase. In 2018, the average investment in key construction projects in the province reached 3.06 billion yuan, an increase of more than 10% over the previous year; the investment in urban infrastructure and transportation construction projects accounted for nearly 53%, and the support for the projects of the Greater Bay Area, the Greater Garden, the Greater Channel, and the Greater Metropolitan Area had been effectively consolidated; and the investment in industrial projects accounted for 17%, with new growth points such as new materials, new energy, and intelligent manufacturing continuing to emerge.

The demonstration effect of the concentrated construction projects was significant, which led to the “acceleration” of key construction projects in our province. The reporter learned that in 2018, a total of 1,220 major projects were started in two batches, all of which were completed as planned, with a total investment of over 1.6 trillion yuan. All the 653 projects of the first batch were all under construction, with 110% of the annual plan completed. The second batch had also started as scheduled by the end of December, with 100% of the annual plan completed.

At the same time, a number of key projects had been completed and put into production, with emerging benefits. Not long ago, the Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway successfully started trial operation and became an important carrier to lead the high-quality development of the high-speed railway in the new era. The Yueqing Bay Bridge and its wiring were completed and opened to traffic, connecting with the Tai-Wen Expressway double-line on the ocean, and bringing an end to history of Yuhuan City without expressway. A number of other projects were completed and put into operation, including the Lin'an Xinlian to Hengfan Highway Reconstruction Project in Hangzhou West Science and Technology Industrial Cluster District, and the 10,000 mu of paddy field construction and intelligent ecological agriculture cultivation project in Quzhou City.

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