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Seize the opportunity to develop 5G commercial use and 5G industries

On the 3rd, in investigating the development of 5G commercial use and 5G industry in Hangzhou, Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized that all local governments and relevant departments should thoroughly implement the new development concept, seize the historic opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial digital transformation, step up making a set of development plans and policy systems, strive to create a number of innovative platforms and industrial platforms, take the lead in breaking through a number of key technologies, timely promote a number of demonstration applications, promptly introduce a number of innovative teams, strive to take the lead in using 5G for commercial purpose in the whole province, and create an innovation and talent highland, so as to make 5G industry develop ahead of others, and empower the province's "No. 1 Project" of digital economy and high-quality development. Zhou Jiangyong and Xu Liyi participated in the investigation or discussion.

Yuan Jiajun visited the Binjiang Campus of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University, Internet of Things Demonstration Base of China Telecom in Hangzhou High-tech Zone, Superstar Technology Company and Hangzhou Steam Turbine Company, to conduct investigations on projects of 5G remote B-ultrasound and remote first aid, 5G+ digital vocational education, 5G automatic micro-transit, 5G applications in low-latency intelligent manufacturing, and industrial brain, etc. He inquired about technology development and application in detail, and listened to the reports on 5G pilot work by Hangzhou City, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, hoping to accelerate the development of 5G.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that 5G is coming, and everything is connected. Currently, it is the key window period for 5G commercial use. All local governments and departments should strengthen the awareness of opportunities, make good use of the time window, and take development planning and improvement of policies and measures as the top priority, so as to fully promote the development of 5G. First, we must accelerate the expansion of 5G application scenarios and actively promote the "5G+ program", including 5G+ car networking, drones, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, smart cities, future communities, medicine, transportation, finance, commerce, education, agriculture, logistics, furniture, new media, entertainment, and terminal equipment, etc., so as to form a number of industry applications with distinctive features, outstanding highlights, and reproducibility. Second, we must speed up the creation of a 5G innovation platform, encourage technological innovation, introduce or cultivate with greater determination and greater efforts a group of high-end scientific research teams and talents, and accelerate the formation of technological innovation. Third, we must speed up the construction of the 5G industry platform and a 5G industrial chain, give full play to the advantages of leading enterprises, and make full use of the 5G industry alliance, so as to form a batch of application demonstration projects and develop a 5G industrial ecosystem. Fourth, we must establish the concept of "no progress means retrogression", and strengthen overall coordination, system supply, and element support to provide an optimal environment for 5G development.



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