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Zhejiang to comprehensively improve the level of credit Zhejiang contruction

On the afternoon of April 12, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the Provincial Credit Zhejiang Construction Leading Group Meeting to study and deploy the 2019 goals and priorities. He emphasized that credit Zhejiang construction is a systematic project of integrated innovation, and also a key support for comprehensively deepening market-oriented reforms and promoting the modernization of governance systems and governance capabilities, which has entered a new stage of systemization, standardization, and digitization. All localities and departments must unify understanding and improve standards, in order to promote the construction of a social credit system with high quality and to promote credit Zhejiang construction step by step by taking the government credit as the model, by focusing on corporate credit, and by taking personal credit as the basis. Feng Fei attended this meeting.

It was pointed out at the meeting that to comprehensively improve the level of credit Zhejiang construction, it is necessary to build three systems including a public credit index system, a comprehensive supervision responsibility system for credit, a public credit evaluation, and joint reward and punishment system, by focusing on five categories of entities such as enterprises, natural persons, social organizations, institutions, and government agencies. These three major systems will comprehensively build a unified public credit information platform across the province, accelerate the promotion of innovative application of the credit system in a number of key areas, and make credit an important means and strategy for the modernization of regional governance.

It was also pointed out at the meeting that this year focus should be on key aspects such as “evaluation, release, application, and system”, to further refine the lists of tasks to clarify specific tasks, responsibilities, and schedules, to identify the most important issues of the departments and work hard to tackle them, to comprehensively promote the coordinated application of the government and the society, and to highlight the following seven key tasks. First, the credit platform should established online, with great efforts to be made to allow the public credit information platform to be put into trial operation at the end of June this year and to be fully applied at the end of this year. Second, comprehensive supervision should be expanded, with the coverage of credit subject evaluation and supervision to be gradually expanded according to the requirements of “full coverage and no dead ends”, to force the level of government supervision to be increased. Third, the government should set an example in establishing credit, to strengthen the record of the government’s discredit and the resulting disciplinary action and to establish a long-term mechanism for government credit construction. Fourth, the enterprise credit platform and the financial service platform should be connected, to provide better financial services for enterprises. Fifth, the evaluation, reward and punishment mechanism should be put in operation, to innovate incentives to credit and to carry out special resolution of the issue of discredit in key areas such as work safety, food and drug, environmental protection, private education and health care, and internet finance. Sixth, the application should be strengthened, with the application in the administrative field as a breakthrough to expand the openness of public data and to develop reliable, effective and user-friendly credit products, so as to apply one the instant it becomes mature. Seventh, the system should be implemented while being deepened, to alternatively perfect the system guarantee for credit evaluation, reward and punishment, and application, to vigorously promote the culture of integrity, and thus to create a social environment in which no one is bold to lose credit, no one can afford to lose credit, and no one is willing to lose credit.

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