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Pushing the Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism” to a new level

The Provincial Leading Group Meeting on Deepening the Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism” was held on the afternoon of April 2, to study and deploy the 2019 goals and priorities. Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over this meeting and delivered a speech, and Gao Xingfu attended.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that this reform is a major reform practice of implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s theory of “emptying the cage to accommodate a new bird”, that this reform is the best combination making the government accomplished, the market effective, the enterprises profitable and the people benefited, that this reform is the most practical, the most workable and the most effective measure to deepen the reform of market-oriented resource  allocation and to force the enterprises to transform and upgrade, and that this reform is also the most important way of the combination of measures for high-quality development.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism” has gone through five years, during which time, all localities and departments have comprehensively implemented the decisions and arrangements made by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, adhered to the new development concept and to the main line of supply-side structural reform, strengthened the work mechanism of positive incentives and forced promotions, and efficiently promulgated the “Ten Strategies for Improving the Area-Based Benefits” to really make the Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism”popularized gradually as a “golden business card” for the economic development in Zhejiang.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that this year the Reform in “Area-Based Evaluation Mechanism” should set higher goals, raise standards, focus on coordination, and strengthen collaboration, to focus on six tough tasks. First, it is necessary to strengthen innovative reform and coordinated reform, to establish an incentive and control mechanism that links innovation factors, land use, energy use, and emissions of pollutants with the performance of the “Area-Based Benefits” in cities and counties, to comprehensively promulgate the “Benchmark” system for the tailored bidding of enterprises, to deepens the reform of the approval system for corporate investment projects, to   promote the cross-regional market-based trading of resource elements, and thus to achieve a resonant effect in reform. Second, it is necessary to deepen and refine the comprehensive evaluation of the “Area-Based Benefits”, and to formulate and implement the classified evaluation methods for the “Area-Based Benefits” in the service enterprises above the designated size, the characteristic towns, the small and micro enterprise parks, the economic development zones, and the high-tech zones across the province. Third, it is necessary to vigorously implement the strategy of fostering leaders of “Area-Based Benefits” by highlighting the manufacturing and service industries, and such areas as characteristic towns and development zones (parks), to formulate incentive policies, and to create an industrial ecology, so as to comprehensively promulgate the good experience and good practices of the “leaders” and so as to create a good atmosphere of positive simulation and sound competition. Fourth, it is necessary to force the transformation and upgrading of inefficient enterprises in accordance with the law, through intensifying the transformation and upgrading of inefficient enterprises with an average tax of less than 10,000 yuan per mu, and especially through further promoting the redevelopment of urban and rural low-efficiency land by means of additional investment, mergers and acquisitions, division and transfer, integration into the park, and other measures. Fifth, it is necessary to speed up the improvement of the policies for the optimized allocation of the resource elements of enterprise, in order to promote the accumulation of resource elements in high-quality regions and high-quality enterprises. Sixth, it is necessary to build a big data platform for the Reform in the “Area-Based Evaluation System”, in order to unblock the collection and sharing mechanism of the data concerning the “Area-Based Benefits”between departments and thus to achieve a high-level sharing.

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