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"Warning Education Month" goes at full speed; Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun, Zheng Zhajie visit warning education exhibition

At the fifth plenary session of the fourteenth Provincial Party Committee, arrangements were made for the activities of the “Warning Education Month”, which is going smoothly at present. On the afternoon of the 5th, Che Jun, Yuan Jiajun, Ge Huijun, Zheng Zhajie and other provincial leaders went to the provincial legal education base to visit the Integrity and Warning Education Exhibition to promote the activities of education in the province.

The provincial legal education base is one of the early bases in the country for the education of Party members and cadres based on prison resources. The warning education exhibition, with a large number of pictures, videos and data, vividly demonstrated the remarkable achievements in comprehensively promoting the Party style and clean government against corruption. In front of each single exhibition board, in front of each single case, in front of each single scene, the provincial leaders stopped to watch and asked about the situation from time to time.

After the visit, the Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun had a sincere and frank talk with other visitors. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, he said, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has always been on the road to promote the comprehensive and strict management of the Party, and has achieved great achievements, which greatly unified the Party members and won the hearts of the people. As a place of unique significance, Zhejiang should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, consciously practice the new expectations of the General Secretary, adhere to the high political standing, high level of understanding, and high standards of work to carry out the province's "warning education", so as to promote strict Party management and the construction of a clean and honest Zhejiang.

Che Jun said with great enthusiasm that many of the typical cases that we had just seen were about people and things we are familiar with. We are really shocked by these cases. This exhibition is so instructive and soul stirring that it has given us at least three warnings. The first is that we must not forget our original aims, that we must keep our mission in mind, uphold the right to justice, integrity and self-discipline, hold the law, the organization, and the people in awe, strictly discipline ourselves and relatives, truly serve the people whole-heartedly, and never fail the expectation of the Party and the people. Second, we must always keep in mind that work style construction will always be on the way, the Party style and clean government building and anti-corruption struggle will always be on the way, and comprehensive and strict Party governance will always be on the way. We must manage our own teams well, manage the team, further purify the Party style and the political style, and accelerate the construction of a clean and honest team of cadres, a clean and honest government, and a clean and honest society. Third, we must consciously make good use of the mirror of warning education to promote the Party members and cadres to have a reflection on their thoughts and behaviors, so as to firmly build up a strong line of defense against corruptions.

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