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Over 10 million high school students sign up for CEE; Ministry of Education says it is strictly forbidden to hype up CEE enrollment rate

On the 6th, the Ministry of Education held a video conference jointly with the members of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference of the National Education Unified Examination, fully preparing for the security of the 2019 College Entrance Examination (CEE). Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said at the meeting that the number of the CEE candidates exceeds 10 million this year, and that college student enrollment is a glorious task with great responsibility.

Chen Baosheng pointed out that great attention should be paid to the safety of test papers, the arrangement of the examination venues, test paper marking, and the fairness of enrollment. It is essential to focus on the key procedures, to make up for any deficiency, to curb any sign for malpractices, and investigate thoroughly for any suspicious clue.  It is essential to further optimize the service, to adhere to the correct orientation of education, to strictly prohibit hype about the "CEE champions" and "CEE enrollment rate", to strengthen supervision on CEE slogans, and to resolutely forbid hype about the CEE.


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