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Zhejaing Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Collaboration and Counterpart Support Work Joint Meeting was held

Zhejaing Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Collaboration and Counterpart Support Work Joint Meeting was held in Hangzhou on May 14. Yuan Jiajun, Governor of Zhejiang Province, and Yin Li, Governor of Sichuan Province, attended this meeting and made a speech. Zhejiang provincial leaders Huang Jianfa and Li Weining, and mayor of Hangzhou Xu Liyi, Sichuan provincial leaders Qu Mu Shiha, Wang Zhengpu, and Qi Sidan, and mayor of Chengdu Luo Qiang took part in the discussion or inspection.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that carrying out poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support work between the east and the west is a major strategic arrangement made by the CPC Central Committee and is the key to winning the battle of shaking off poverty precisely. Zhejiang will resolutely shoulder its political responsibilities, comprehensively implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium on solving the outstanding problems of “two carefree aspects and three guaranteed aspects”, and do a good job in Zhejaing Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Collaboration and Counterpart Support Work based on the objective of enabling all the poor people to shake off poverty by 2020 set by the central government. To this end, it is necessary to further deepen industrial assistance, to give play to the advantages of Zhejiang’s “Internet +”, block-shaped characteristic industries, and modern agriculture, to continue to deepen the “10,000 enterprises helping 10,000 villages” plan, to accelerate the construction of tea, Chinese herbal medicines, textiles, rural e-commerce and other industrial bases where there is a high degree of involvement of poor people, to pay attention to the improvement of people’s livelihood, to strengthen intellectual assistance, to improve the coordination mechanism for poverty alleviation, and thus to promote a deeper, higher, and wider development in Zhejiang Sichuan counterpart support and exchange and cooperation.

On behalf of CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, Yin Li thanked Zhejiang for its long-term support and assistance. He said that under the strong support of the relevant ministries and commissions of the Central Government, Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province, and all walks of life, Sichuan has achieved phased results in poverty alleviation. In the context of the current poverty alleviation reaching a critical moment, Sichuan, as one of the most important areas for poverty alleviation in the country, will firmly use Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era as a guidance to fully implement the deployment requirements for the poverty alleviation cooperation and counterpart support between the East and the West, and further deepen the precision docking, strengthen the task implementation, strengthen the industrial cooperation and labor coordination, increase the efforts to solve the outstanding problems of the “two carefree aspects and three guaranteed aspects”, and jointly promote the cooperation in the areas of the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the development of tourism in the whole region to a new level according to the annual poverty alleviation cooperation agreement between Sichuan and Zhejiang. Sichuan will continue to work hard and make efforts to transform Zhejiang’s assistance and support into the real achievements in poverty alleviation and economic and social development.

During their stay in Zhejiang, the Sichuan delegation visited Yucun Village, Dazhuyuan Village, Lujia Village, and Huangdu Village in Anji County, China (Hangzhou) Artificial Intelligence Town, Songcheng Group and Hikvision Company.


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