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Interpretation of the policy initiatives for the optimization of talent service in Zhejiang Province to create a hotter talent highland

When the consensus of talents leading development is gradually formed, the attraction of a city is more reflected in the invisible talent ecological environment. On May 16, Zhejiang held a special press conference featuring the theme of no end to optimizing talent services to introduce a series of new policies and new measures. How to service talents? How to adapt to the change of the structure of talent demand? with these questions in mind, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee.

More accurate: digital transformation

On the same day, the “Zhejiang Talent Service Platform” was officially launched, which attracted close attention from the public.

This website is divided into six sections: talent policy, talent resource library, public service, talent engineering, project display and college student internship. The reporter found that the content and function of this website can be described as “thinking about what they think about and helping them when they are in difficulty” for both the talent and the enterprise.

The website aggregates 360 major talent policies at the provincial, city and county levels, and “sows out” more than 10,000 “dry goods”, which improves the accuracy of information symmetry. Users can quickly search for the required policies and compare talent policies across regions. Enterprises can also accurately find the talents they need through the setting of majors, diplomas, and working years. At the same time, more than 120 domestic and international high-quality talent projects and entrepreneurial projects on the website have created a linking platform for talents, projects and capital.

This is still a deepening of the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform in the talent field. This platform can realize 14 provincial-level talent services, such as the confirmation of the benefits of high-level talents of the provincial and departmental units in the same city, the verification and printing of electronic certificate of senior professional titles, and the application for the passenger vehicles for overseas students, and carry out the online application, online selection of experts and online reviews for the talent projects including the provincial “Ten Thousand Talents Program”.

Great efforts are made to start with the things about which people are most concerned and make rectification in the services with which people are most dissatisfied. According to the relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, this platform has initially realized the online view of talent policies, the online services of personal matters, the online exhibition of talent projects, the online search for talent demand, and the online submission of application for talent programs, and this platform will be further improved continuously in terms of its various functions by focusing on the needs of users and on the “pinching points” and “blocking points” of talent services.

More extensive: “a round of chess” across the whole province

In Zhejiang, a space called “talent enclave” for mass entrepreneurship has become another “battlefield” for the planning of upgrading the industries in various localities.

“This is ‘a round of chess’ across the whole province that is not limited by the regional restrictions.” The relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee believes that under the broader perspective of talents, the integration of talent services in this province has already begun to bring benefits, “For example, Quzhou Overseas Returnees Entrepreneurship Park, which was settled in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City in 2016, not only realizes “the same treatment in the same city” for the settled enterprises, but also returns the taxes paid by the enterprises and individuals to Quzhou in full amount.”

Efforts have also been made in resource sharing. Recently, Hangzhou and Ningbo have issued relevant opinions on serving the development of talents in the whole province. Hangzhou will build the Zhejiang Talent Building in areas with easy access to convenient transportation and complete public facilities, such as the future Science and Technology City. Ningbo will plan and deploy the construction of Zhejiang Innovation Center in Yongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor, which will be used for the construction of the R&D headquarters and innovation centers for the enterprises from other cities in Zhejiang, and at the same time, share high-quality public service resources with these enterprises.

If the measures adopted by the two cities of Hangzhou and Ningbo have accelerates the layout of serving the whole province on the basis of the comprehensive capacity of these two cities, the Yangtze River Delta Science and Innovation Open Air Performing Center in Jiaxing is one of the key moves to the development of integration of talents in the Yangtze River Delta. Recently, this center has been officially launched in the First Comprehensive Yangtze River Delta Global Science and Innovation Project Open Air Performance, and released the global IP of the Open Air Performing Center through global connection. In the next three years, 300 high-level roadshows will be put on stage here, with more than 10,000 participants in offline activities, more than 1 million online viewers, more than 10,000 high-quality project resources to be put into the databank, and more than 200 investment institutions to sign up for this databank, thus injecting more vigor and vitality into talent services.

More complete: “attaching great importance to” details

“Favorable environment attracts talents and makes causes flourishing.” Applying these words into the policies and steps for the optimization of talent services is the attraction of a large platform and a broad career space, and it is also the sincerity of the new political and business relationship and meticulous services.

“We always take services as the core competitiveness, and we are committed to provide service by all employees, in all aspects, and during the whole process.” The relevant person in charge of the Talents Affairs Office of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee introduced that in recent years, the benefits have gradually been brought about by the policies formulated and implemented in terms of solving the minor problems of “housing, vehicles, children, and banknotes” that talents care most about and the system of party and government leaders contacting and serving experts  established at the provincial, city and county levels: in 2018, the number of newly introduced college students increased by 35% compared with that in the previous year, and the net inflow rate of the middle and high-end talents in Hangzhou and Ningbo ranks first and second respectively in the whole country ...

Zhejiang will continue to seek development in respect to “the service chain extending from introducing talents to making talents achieved”. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of market participants, this province will give full play to the advantages of the developed private economy, set up a listing service alliance for talent enterprises in Zhejiang Province, integrate the powers of banks, brokers, funds, and trading markets, select a group of talent enterprises each year as key service targets according to the maturity of the listing conditions of enterprises to introduce government policy resources and market element resources, and promote more talent enterprises to fully connect with multi-layer capital markets and to accelerate development.

Zhejiang Province will implement all aspects related to the allocation of resource factors for the whole cycle of talents’ entrepreneurship. For example, the launch of the “Talent Service Bank 2.0”  and the creation of a series of products including “talent card”, “talent loan” and “talent benefit”, will be designed to improve the public service function of the human resources service industry park; a batch of the “Home of Academicians” with academic leave, exchanges and seminars, projects and other functions will be established and the “Youth Talents’ Trip to Zhejiang” campaign will be actively carried out.

In response to the trend of the increasing influx of overseas talents, Zhejiang will focus on building an “overseas-like” living environment in terms of the convenience of exit and entry for overseas talents, the comfort of living services for international talents, and the procedure of issuing work permits for foreign talents in China.


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