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Provincial leaders meet with self-improved models with disabilities and representatives devoted to helping the disabled; Che Jun delivers a speech; Yuan Jiajun attends

On the occasion of the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled, the provincial leaders met with the national and provincial self-improved models of disabled people and advanced representatives devoted to helping the disabled in the Provincial People's Congress Hall on the afternoon of the 17th. Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun gave a speech, and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Yuan Jiajun attended the meeting.

Che Jun expressed his congratulations to the self-improved models and the advanced assistive representatives, expressed his regards to the disabled people and their relatives throughout the province, and paid tribute to the disabled workers in the province and the people from all walks of life who care about the disabled.

He said that the disabled people in our province are physically and mentally motivated and self-respecting, and they are an important force in promoting the reform, development and stability of our province. With their practical actions, everyone spreads the full positive energy of upward going and self improvement to the whole society. It is hoped that, encouraged by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s meeting with the national self-improved models and the advanced representatives, people with disabilities will continue to enhance their confidence in their abilities, improve their quality, give full play to their advantages, overcome difficulties to surpass themselves, and constantly live a wonderful life.

Che Jun emphasized that helping the disabled, the weak, and the poor has been the traditional virtues of China and an important manifestation of the core values of socialism. I hope that the whole society, especially the advanced assistive models, will continue to give love to the disable and encourage more people to join the ranks of helping the disabled, so that more love will shine on every disabled person. Working for disabled people is a project of moral administration that will win the love of the people. The Party committees and governments at all levels in the province should take better responsibility, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the security system, and take pragmatic measures to promote the all-round development and common prosperity of the disabled. The disabled associations at all levels in the province must actively perform their duties and do everything possible to provide support and assistance to disabled.

Lu Shiming, vice chairman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, Provincial leaders Chen Jinbiao, Huang Jianfa, Zhou Jiangyong, Feng Wenping, Bao Jianmin, Wang Wenxu and Zhang Zexi attended the meeting. After the visit, the provincial leaders and representatives and leaders of the relevant departments of the province watched the first performance of the Provincial Special Art Tour.


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