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The Theory Learning Central Group of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee held a special study of “Regulations on the Appointment of Cardres” and “Civil Service Law”

The Theory Learning Central Group of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee held a special study of “Regulations on the Appointment of Cardres” and “Civil Service Law”. Che Jun, secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that it is necessary to profoundly understand the significance of the revision of these two laws and regulations by the Party Central Committee, to comprehensively and accurately grasp the new spirits and new requirements, and to further clarify the ideas and measures for the implementation of these two legal documents in this province, so as to promote the formation of a scientific and standardized personnel work mechanism related to cadres and to speeds up the forging of a cadre teams who are qualified to shoulder the responsibilities of the construction of the “Two High-Levels”.

Yuan Jiajun, Zheng Shanjie and other members of the Theory Learning Central Group of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee attended the meeting, and the relevant departments directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and the principals of the colleges and universities in Hangzhou, and the secretaries the Party committees of each city sat in on the meeting. At the meeting, Zheng Shanjie and Zhou Jiangyong made an exchange speech on the actual work. Huang Jianfa made a systematic introduction and professional interpretation of the two revised laws and regulations.

Che Jun pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has been standing at the height of the overall development of the Party and the country to put forward the general requirements for the building of the Party in a new era and the organizational line of the Party in a new era and to profoundly expound a series of significant theoretical and practical issues related to the strengthening of the construction the leadership and the cadre teams in a new era, thus achieving remarkable results and major changes in the selection and employment of cardres. The newly revised “Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres” and “The Civil Service Law” fully reflect the implementation the spirit of the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the selection and employment of cadres, profoundly embody the firm political self-confidence, the new requirements for the reform of the cadre personnel system, and the comprehensive performance of legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and further highlight the great superiority of the cadre personnel system with Chinese characteristics, thus providing a strong institutional guarantee for the building of a high-quality cadre team who are loyal to the Party, free from corruption, and responsible for their duties.

Che Jun emphasized that the newly revised “Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres” and “The Civil Service Law” are very rich in content and very specific in requirements, so it is necessary to strictly implement these legal documents strictly based on the actual situations and according to high standards. He also stressed the following points: it is necessary to formulate strict principles to always give top priority to political standards; it is necessary to establish the distinctive political scale of selecting and employing cadres by inspecting and examining the political stance of the potential cadres in terms of political studies, political loyalty, political determination, political responsibility, political ability, and political discipline in the course of the recruitment, assessment and promotion of cadres and civil servants; it is necessary to do a good job in taking a series of measures to comprehensively improve the quality and level of the cadre personnel work; it is necessary to do a good overall job of “selection, cultivation, supervision, and employment”, so as to select cadres with both leadership skills and professional skills and put cadres, especially young cadres, into major struggles to get exercised and involved in preventing and defusing major conflicts and risks, and so as to further strengthen management and supervision according to the established systems to manage both thinking and work, and both work style and discipline within the “eight hours” of office work and after the “eight hours” of office work; it is necessary to adhere to the top priority of the career so as to make it possible to choose candidates according to the nature of work and thus to make a match between the post and the candidate; it is necessary to use the “heart-warming” strategy to encourage the cadres and civil servants to take their due responsibilities; it is necessary not only to implement the central government’s policies and provisions, but also to combine them with the actual conditions in Zhejiang to make full use of them and to truly transform the benefits brought by the reform into the incentives for the cadres to make achievements and take responsibilities in their work.

Che Jun emphasized that the cadres, especially the “top leaders”, must conscientiously implement the newly revised “Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres” and “The Civil Service Law”, so as to take the lead in studying hard, in solving outstanding problems in the management team, and in putting the cadres onto the right ideological track, to shoulder the political responsibility of cultivating the management team, to consciously create a corruption-free and ethical environment for selecting and employing candidates, and to strive to provide a strong organizational guarantee for the reform, development, and stability of the whole province.


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