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Yuan Jiajun stressed the importance of accelerating the construction of a pilot free trade zone featuring the entire oil and gas industry chain

On the afternoon of May 20th, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the Fifth Meeting of the Leading Group of the Construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Construction to review reform proposals for deepening reform and innovation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone and promoting the construction of joint innovation zones and to study and deploy the key tasks in the next phase. Yuan Jiajun emphasized that it is necessary to reinforce the main responsibility, to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to further emancipate the mind, reform and innovate, to highlight the overall situation of serving the national energy strategy, highlight the pioneering differentiated system innovation, highlight driving force of the reform and opening up, and highlight the improvement of competitiveness, to earnestly secure the implementation of major projects, and to promote the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone with high standards and high quality. Zhu Congjiu and Zhou Shaofeng attended this meeting.

The meeting pointed out that over the two years since the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone has been established, a distinctive feature of the entire oil and gas industry chain has been formed. It is necessary to strive for the day and night, to comply with the requirements of promoting work systematically, to clarify the objectives and tasks, implementation paths, responsible units and deadlines, to focus on implementation, stress hard work, and seek practical results, to solidly promote the implementation of key tasks, and thus to ensure the success of the Pilot Free Trade Zone in the first phase. To this end, first, it is necessary to accelerate the construction of the entire industrial chain of oil and gas in accordance with the established line of thought of building an international oil product trading center, an international oil storage and transportation base, an international petrochemical industry base, an international maritime service base, and a pilot PMB internationalization zone for the cross-border trade of bulk commodities, to promote the implementation of a number of landmark and leading projects, to foster the development of modern industrial clusters such as green petrochemical, aviation and offshore equipment manufacturing, and to build an international agricultural trade center and oil and gas trading center; second, it is necessary to do a good job in holding the Third International Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprises Conference, to increase the conversion rate and implementation rate of major projects, and to attract more international oil and gas leading enterprises to invest and cooperate; third, it is necessary to plan to build a joint innovation zone in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and to focus on selecting regions with high degree of openness, active institutional mechanisms, and a strong driving force to be included in the work system to promote the expansion of the Pilot Free Trade Zone; third, it is necessary to speed up the construction of the Digital Free Trade Zone, by taking the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform as a guide to accelerate the sharing of data related to sea, ports and ships, build a “single window” and a digital platform, and promote the modernization of the Pilot Free Trade Zone.


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