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Yuan Jiajun emphasized the necessity of the results achieved as the touchstone of the effectiveness of the thematic education

On the afternoon of June 10, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the Meeting of Party Members of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, to study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Conference of Education on the Theme of “Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind” and the spirit of the provincial conference of education on this theme, and to study and deploy the thematic education of the Party members of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the Party Group of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province should raise the political positions, strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidences”, achieve the “two up-holdings”, profoundly understand the significance of carrying out the thematic education, focus on the fundamental task of “learning new ideas, tempering good characters, and striving for the Chinese Dream”, comprehensively implement the general requirements of “remaining true to our original aspiration, committing ourselves to our mission, finding out the shortcomings, and securing the implementation”, target the objectives of the “five words” of the CPC Central Committee and the “six new points” and “taking the lead in six respects” of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, secure the implementation of various tasks including learning and education, investigation and study, examination of problems, and rectification of problems under the guidance of the Central Guidance Group, make great efforts, take the lead, and embark on pioneering initiatives, and thus take the results achieved as the touchstone of the effectiveness of the thematic education and set an example for the whole government system across the province.

It was pointed out at the meeting that it is necessary to comprehensively comply to the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, to be closely based on the actual work of the government, and to focus on practice, commitment and effectiveness, in order to carry out high-standard and high-quality thematic education and strive to gain rewarding results in theoretical learning, get cultivated ideologically and politically, take responsibilities in the routine and pioneering work, help people out of difficulties, and set an example in creating a upright and uncorrupted working style. To this end, the following efforts must be made: firstly, it is necessary to take the lead in carrying earnestly out the learning and education, by strengthening the equipment with theories and by studying in depth the "Outline of Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era”, so as to adhere to the original aspiration with firm ideals and beliefs, nourish the original aspiration with the sincerity towards the people, and practice the original aspiration with a strong public servant consciousness; secondly, it is necessary to take the lead in making investigations, to strengthen the forefront consciousness, to adhere to the problem orientation, and to carefully plan the ideas and measures to promote high-quality development, so as to focus on solving major common problems, the long-unsolved problems, and the most obvious and to really find out the truth, take effective measures, tackle practical issues, and achieve practical results; thirdly, it is necessary to take the lead in earnestly implementing inspection, to start with the views of the masses, the positions of the masses, and the emotions of the masses, and to highlight the recognition of the shortcomings in ideology, style, and work, so as to find out the real problems and the underlying root causes through thorough examination and inspection and further temper the loyal, uncorrupted and responsible political quality; fourthly, it is necessary to take the lead in earnestly implementing rectification, by listing the problems, rectifications, and responsibilities, so as to make immediate rectifications, keep an eye on the rectifications, and make rectifications within a time limit, to ensure that all problems must be remedied, to improve the long-term mechanism, and to continuously consolidate and expand the results of rectification; fifthly, it is necessary to adhere to overall planning and coordination, in order to make great efforts and take the lead in the following respects including full participation in the national strategy of the Integration of the Yangtze River Delta, winning the three hard battles, implementing the ten action plans for enriching the people and empowering the province, taking a series of measures for high-quality development, deepening the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure”, and promoting the digital transformation of the government, so as to ensure that the thematic education and the central work are both emphasized and promoted.


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