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Online consultation and service related to 142 preferential policies for enterprises achieved in Zhejiang

“Over more than a month since the launch of the online consultation and service, we have actively posted more than 15 million pieces of information on the preferential policies through internal messages and Ding Talk. The number of visits by enterprises has reached more than 25,000 times and the number of consultations has reached 619 times.” Today, Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang held a press briefing, introducing the latest developments in the construction of the Information Platform for the Preferential Policies for Enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

In order to solve the problems of the insufficient knowledge of the preferential information for various enterprises issued by a large number of government departments and the difficulties faced by these enterprises in getting served, the Information Platform for the Preferential Policies for Enterprises was officially launched in Zhejiang Province at the end of April this year, releasing the first batch of 142 policies with “substantial content or the support of quantitative indicators” formulated by 26 provincial departments, including the seven categories of tax incentives, financial support, fee reduction, reduction of the cost of institutional transactions, reduction of the labor cost of enterprises, reduction of corporate financing cost, and reduction of the cost on the use of land and energy by enterprises.

At the meeting, Xu Qiang, who is in charge of the project construction, introduced how to use this platform. According to the introduction, this platform is built on the basis of the Provincial Government Service and the “Zhejiang Online Office” platform.

“Enterprises can enter the Information Platform for the Preferential Policies for Enterprises through the three channels of the Policy and News on the homepage of the Provincial Government Service, the SME Service in the Legal Representative Application, or the floating box of the Preferential Policies for Enterprises in the lower right corner of the homepage, or through the Preferential Policies for Enterprises on the “Zhejiang Online Office” APP, in order to quickly find the policies needed by means of the four ways of the policy categories, release areas, responsible departments, and intelligent search.” Xu Qiang said.

Xu Qiang said that after finding the policies needed, the enterprises can solve the problems they meet with in the process of online service through the three channels of intelligent question and answer, consultation on the filling of forms and telephone consultation in the “Policy Consultation”. In addition, in order to improve service quality and efficiency, the platform also provides “Suggestions” and “Feedback” modules to facilitate enterprises to make recommendations and show their degree of satisfaction.

In addition, this project has also established a collaborative management platform of the government departments formulating and releasing the preferential policies for enterprises. “All the departments can release policies, respond to consultations collaboratively, and approve  through this platform. At present, we manage basically to answer the general questions within a day and complex questions within 3 days.”

Zhuge Jian, deputy director of Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, said that hopefully this service platform would reduce the manpower and resources invested by enterprises in policy application and enjoyment, allowing the enterprises to concentrate more on the main tasks such as product development and market expansion and thus helping the enterprises develop.


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