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The Party and government delegation of Zhejiang Province visited Jiangxi for investigation

From the evening of June 15 to June 18, the Party and government delegation of Zhejiang Province (“Zhejiang Delegation” for short hereinafter) visited Jiangxi for investigation.

Extending eight hundred miles, Jinggang mountainous area is the cradle of the Chinese revolution. After taking a night-long green-colored train, Zhejiang Delegation came to Beifengyan early in the morning on June 16, to pay a visit to the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery. Che Jun, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, accompanied by Liu Qi, secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, presented a flower basket to the revolutionary martyrs. Later, this delegation visited the site of Huangyangjie Defence Warfare, the cluster of sites of the former residence of the Octagonal Building, and Jinggangshan Revolution Museum. On June 17, this delegation visited Xiaoping Trail Exhibition Hall and Nanchang August 1st Memorial Hall in Nanchang, the “City of Heroes”. In front of the Martyrs’ name list, in front of the monument saying “A single spark can start a prairie fire” , in the the Octagonal Building, in front of the scene of “Zhu De’s Army Integrating with Mao Zedong’s Army”, in front of the sculpture of “earth-shattering and heaven-battering”, and on the Red Army's Grain Trail and Xiaoping Trail, the delegation traced the glorious footprints of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping, recalled the great achievements of the revolutionary ancestors, and got a sense of the communists’ original inspiration and mission. Che Jun said with emotion that Jiangxi is a red land filled with red memories, where the revolutionary ancestors used their blood and life to create one red monument after another and that the Jinggangshan spirit formed during that period is always worthy of our admiration. It is necessary to inherit the red gene, to carry forward the fine traditions, to nourish the spiritual world with a profound revolutionary spirit, and to allow the Red Boat spirit and the Jinggangshan spirit to shine brighter and become the relentless driving force to stay to the original aspiration and keep in mind the mission, in accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping. During their stay in Jiangxi, the delegation visited Jingshanshan Shenshan Village, Jiangzhong Medicine Valley, Nanchang Aviation Industrial City and Nanchang Future Science and Technology Park. Che Jun showed his admiration of the precise poverty alleviation, the integration of industrialization and information industry and the innovative development in Jiangxi, required that all the relevant departments at all levels across Zhejiang Province to learn from Jiangxi’s good practices and good experiences, in order to take the innovation drive as the breakthrough for development and take the talent introduction and cultivation of talents as the backup for development, so as to gather more innovative resources, accelerate the creation of advantageous industries with global competitiveness and high-tech innovation highlands with global influence, and strive to be at the forefront of the country in respect of high-quality development.

On the afternoon of June 17, the leaders of these two provinces held a symposium on economic and social development. Che Jun and Liu Qi attended and made a speech. Deputy Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Governor Yuan Jiajun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Governor Yi Lianhong introduced the economic and social development of the two provinces respectively. The leaders of Zhejiang Province, Ge Huijun, Zheng Shanjie, Chen Jinbiao, Zhou Jiangyong, Liang Liming and Chen Weijun, and the leaders of Jiangxi Province, Mao Weiming, Yin Meigen, Zhao Liping, Zhou Meng, Chen Junqing attended.

Che Jun expressed his gratitude to Jiangxi for its long-term support and help given to Zhejiang. He said that Zhejiang and Jiangxi are adjacent geographically, connected with water, and friendly to each other. According to him, the great revolutionary spirit bred in Jiangxi made the delegation deeply infected and deeply inspired by the tremendous achievements made in the reform and development in Jiangxi during this investigation; it is necessary to learn from Jiangxi’s political consciousness of inheriting the red gene and from the experience and practice of promoting innovation and development, so as to strengthen the responsibility for ecological protection and attach importance to the caring of the people in terms of improving the livelihood; it is necessary to consciously put into practice of the new expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields in the process of further deepening the “Double Eight Strategies” and re-starting a new round of reform and opening up, on the basis of the existing good cooperation, and on the ride of the preferential policies of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the rise of Central China, so as to join hands in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, continuously deepen exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, humanities, and tourism, comprehensively improve the level of the interconnection of infrastructure, deepen cooperation in manufacturing,  e-commerce, logistics, tourism, agriculture, mining, environmental protection, etc., strengthen academic exchanges, talent cultivation, and collaborative innovation among universities and research institutes, especially strengthen cooperation in in-depth research and interpretation and vigorous promotion of the revolutionary spirit, and strive to promote the two province to share opportunities and achieve win-win development.

Liu Qi expressed his gratitude to the Zhejiang delegation for coming to pass on valuable experience and thanked Zhejiang for its long-term support of Jiangxi. He said that in recent years, Zhejiang has thoroughly studied and implemented the important guiding spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work in Zhejiang, and further promoted the “Double Eight Strategies” and a new round of reform and opening up, and continued to take a series of measures for high-quality development, make new achievements and formed valuable experience in the economic and social development and the construction of the Party, which is worthy of great admiration, and in-depth study and reference. Since the Party and government delegation of Jiangxi Province visited Zhejiang in the past year, the exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces have achieved new results. At present, Jianxi Province is studying and implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping when inspecting Jiangxi, and working together to paint a new picture of the reform and development in Jiangxi in a new era. It is hoped that taking the opportunity of the visit of the Zhejiang delegation and taking the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt as a link, the two provinces will further strengthen the major strategic synergies, intensify the industrial transfer, deepen red tourism cooperation and humanities exchanges, accelerate the construction of the demonstration zones for marginal cooperation between Jiangxi and Zhejiang, strengthen industrial cooperation in big data and electronic information, etc., continue to promote the establishment of closer strategic cooperation between the two provinces, and jointly develop a path of complementary advantages and mutual benefits, and win-win results.

On the same afternoon, Che Jun, Liu Qi and others also visited the representatives of the Zhejiang merchants in Jiangxi. On behalf of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, Che Jun expressed the best regards to the Zhejiang merchants in Jiangxi, and praised them for the achievements in their development. He hoped that the merchant representatives would be brave in innovation, strive for progress while maintaining stability, make their enterprises bigger and the industries substantial, participate deeply in the construction in Jiangxi and development, actively contribute to the construction of the hometown, serve as a bridge for exchanges and cooperation between Zhejiang and Jiangxi, and play a greater role in promoting friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two provinces.


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