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An actual combat drill held in Huzhou by the public security organs in Zhejiang Province

On the morning of June 24, an actual combat drill named “implementingthe new mission of safeguarding the 70th Anniversary of PRCloyally”was held bythe public security organs of the whole province at Huzhou People’s Police Training School.

Che Jun, Secretary of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, observed the exercise and spoke after this exercise. Yuan Jiajun, Chen Jinbiao, Wang Changrong, Feng Wenping, those in charge of this drill from the Ministry of Public Security, and those in charge of the provincial and municipal public security departments and the public security bureaus of friendly cities observe the exercise together. Wang Shuangquan presided over this exercise.

On the training ground, with the horn sounding repeatedly and the police emblems sparkling brightly, the participating police officers lined up, valiant and heroic in bearing. At 10 am, the drill officially began. With superb techniques, advanced equipment and tenacious working style, the police officers have successively drilled six subjects, includingthe capturing techniques, the comprehensive shooting of sniper rifles, the handling of personal extreme violence, the comprehensive shooting of long and short guns, the comprehensive application of police drones, and the handling of the terrorist incidents, fully demonstrating the excellent skills of the police in this province, such as effective training, emergency response, and defeating the enemy, and fully demonstrating the firm confidence and determination to fight against crimes, safeguard peace, and uphold justice. Previously, Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun also observed the special equipment display of the public security organs of the province and the anti-theft door demolition, climbing and obstacle training of special police officers.

In his speech, Che Jun expressed his greetings to all those participating in the exercise and paid tribute to the masses of public security police officers in this province who have been fighting on the front line of safeguarding national security and social stability. He said that in recent years, the public security organs and the masses of police officers of the whole province, as loyal guardians that the Party and the people can trust, had been faithfully fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, have been sparing no effort to ensure stability, protect security, be committed to reform, and promote development, and have been playing an important role in accelerating the construction of the “two high-levels” in the province. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, so “implementingthe new mission of safeguarding the 70th Anniversary of PRC loyally” is of great significance and responsibility. He expressed his hope that the public security organs of the province will thoroughly understand the spirit of the important statement of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the public security work in a new era, fully implement the deployments and requirements of the provincial public security work conference, and closely follow the main task of celebrating the 70th anniversary, to assume the responsibility of preventingand settling major risks, to continuously strengthen the importance of forecast, early warning and prevention, to constantly consolidate the basis of the grassroots public security, to constantly improve the capacity of emergency response, to dare to take responsibility andtake part in combats, to take the initiative in actively fighting against crimes, and to resolutely build an “iron wall” for safeguarding security and stability in this province. He also expressed his hope that the masses of the public security officers in the province should take this actual combat drill as a new starting point, always maintain an alert state of preparedness, strive to develop scientific and efficient, professional and accurate skills, and vigorously carry forward thefighting style of remaining brave and tenacious and ready to make sacrifices, so as tocelebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC with the actual practices of making new achievements for the Party and the people.


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