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Yuan Jiajun: Creating stable, predictable and ruled-by-law business environment

On the morning of the 25th, after the nationwide video teleconference on deepening the reforms that delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services and optimizing the business environment, the Provincial Governor Yuan Jiajun gave instructions at the Zhejiang venue on how to implement the spirit of the meeting. He emphasized that optimizing the business environment is a key measure to stimulate the vitality of the market and to withstand the downward pressure of the economy. It is also an important policy to intensify the three service activities. All local governments and departments should focus on stabilities and prevent risks, and put the optimization of the business environment in a more prominent position. We must focus on the five tasks, i.e., lowering market access thresholds, facilitating business start-ups, facilitating corporate investment, supervising Internet +, and handling matters on mobile phones, and work hard to create the best business environment that is stable, predictable and ruled by law, so as to create strong vitality for high-quality development and ensure a sustained, stable and healthy development of the economy.

Yuan Jiajun stressed that we must take as the guide Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, profoundly understand the vitality, fairness, and efficiency that the reform may bring forward, and earnestly carry out the reform in Zhejiang. We must work hard to improve the people’s living standards, inspire the vitality of the market, upgrade the market competitiveness, and tap up the market potential.

According to Yuan Jiajun, this year, Zhejiang province will focus on the implementation of four tasks. First, we must streamline administration and delegate power to stimulate the market vitality, vigorously simplify procedures in enterprise start-up, construction permit, electricity and gas use, credit, tax payment, and cross-border trade, promote reforms for reducing and simplifying certificates, and further reduce administrative licensing issues for optimization in investment approval, commercial registration and administrative approval. Second, we must reduce taxes and fees to increase the enterprises’ sense of gain. Following the principle of “reducing as much fees as possible”, we must improve the implementation of policies in reducing taxes and fees to benefit enterprises, and reduce the price of natural gas at the final consumption end, which is an important part of optimizing the business environment, so that we can steadily promote the reform of the natural gas system. Third, we must promote fair competition through Internet + supervision and work hard to achieve full collection rate of regulatory information, full handling rate of complaints and reports, and full coordinated response rate. We must improve the credit information platform, implement “credit + administrative supervision”, and strengthen joint punishment for discredit. For trustworthy enterprises and individuals, we will give them more support in matters handling, factor protection and financing services. We will vigorously carry out a special campaign against discredit in key areas such as safe production, food and medicine, environmental protection, and internet finance. Fourth, we must benefit the enterprises and the people with better service. We will push forward the "maximum one visit service" reform, upgrade the "Zhejiangban" and "Zhezhengding" apps, speed up the construction of "mobile office" and transformation of old communities, and tap up the market potential.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that in activities about keeping in mind our Party’s founding mission, all local governments and departments should regard the business environment as an important part of the inspection and rectification. We must aim high, fulfill duty, face deficiencies, and be properly oriented, so that we can strengthen the role of models and supervision, and make the business environment of our province the best in the country.


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