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The 23rd executive meeting of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province held

On the afternoon of May 31, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 23rd Executive Meeting of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, to convey the spirit of the 2019 symposium of the main leaders of the Yangtze River Delta region, to listened to the spirit of the Video Conference on the Rectification of the Illegal Construction of Villas Across the Country and the corresponding implementation plan of Zhejiang Province, and the report on the preparation of the First China-Central and Eastern Europe Expo and the International Consumer Goods Fair, and the 21st China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Fair, and to review and approve the “Education Modernization in Zhejiang 2035 Action Outline” and “Implementation Plan for the Acceleration of Education Modernization in Zhejiang (2018-2022)”.

It is pointed out at the meeting that the Symposium of the Main Leaders of the Yangtze River Delta Region blew the “bugle call to charge” for the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Relevant departments of all localities should profoundly understand the new connotation and new requirements of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, to combine the implementation of the National “Planning Outline” with the implementation of the spirit of the Symposium, to find out the advantageous resources and fields in Zhejiang, to take as the key tasks the acceleration the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone and of the Central Zone, and the promotion of the integration of the whole region, to plan and promote a number of major landmark projects in depth, to focus on promoting the implementation of the key tasks, and to cultivate vigorous and active growth poles.

It is pointed out at the meeting that it is necessary to take the special action of examining and rectifying the illegal construction of villas as a political supervision on strengthening the “four senses”, believing in the “four self-confidences”, and guaranteeing the “two upholding”, and to focus on illegal construction, location, and period in order to insist on “advance planning and implementation” and make full use of the work mechanism and work results of “renovation of three types of villas and demolition of one type” to formulate practical implementation plans and supporting policies, to coordinate the forces of all parties, to strive to win the tough battle against for the examination and rectification of the illegal construction of villas , and to ensure the timely and thorough rectification.

It is pointed out at the meeting that education determines the future of a country and a nation. It is necessary to strengthen the problem-orientation, to highlight the fundamental task of upholding virtues and cultivating talents, to speed up the compensation of the shortcomings of insufficient preschool education, unbalanced compulsory education, imperfect vocational education, and less advanced higher education, to encourage private education, to do a good job in special education, and to improve the lifelong education system. It is necessary to strengthen the innovation-orientation, to vigorously promote education reform and innovation, to accelerate the establishment of a quality standardization system of modern education, to improve the examination and enrollment system, to construct a scientific evaluation orientation, and to improve the new education governance system, to vigorously promote the construction of teaching technology innovation and innovation education community, and to promote the modernization of education in Zhejiang step by step.

It is pointed out at the meeting that the “three meetings”, especially the China-Central and Eastern Europe Exposition, are major platforms for the opening up and development of Zhejiang Province. It is necessary to carefully arrange activities such as security, reception and project signing, product promotion, and the match of the experts, etc, and to comprehensively deepen the economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe through the “three meetings” for further expanding the opening up to the outside world, in accordance with the requirements of “the integration of the three meetings, and the combination of import and export, introduction and going out, and economic and trade events and diplomatic stages”.

Other matters were also studied at the meeting.

Before the meeting, the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province held a legal seminar. Professor Zhao Jun, Associate Dean of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, gave a lecture on the Foreign Investment Law. It is pointed out at the meeting that it is necessary to take the enforcement of the “Foreign Investment Law” as an opportunity, to plan and implement the explorations into pioneering and differentiated reforms, to focus on improving the level of the open platforms, and to push the open economy in this province to a new level.


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