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The 11th Anti-Gang-Crime Supervision Group of the Central Government feeds back to Zhejiang Province; Zhejiang vows to bear responsibilities with actual results of rectification

According to the arrangement of the National Leading Group for the Special Campaign Against Gang Crime (NLG), the 11th Supervision Group of the Central Government held a feedback meeting in Hangzhou on the 3rd June. Li Zhiyong, head of the 11th Supervision Group, reported about the supervision in Zhejiang. Che Jun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, delivered a speech about rectification. The meeting was chaired by Governor Yuan Jiajun, and attended by Shi Shenglong, deputy head of the Supervision Group, other members of the group, Ge Huijun, Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC, and other provincial leaders.

According to the unified deployment of the Central Government, from March 31 to April 30, the 11th Supervision Group of the Central Committee went to Zhejiang to supervise the special campaign against gang crimes in Zhejiang Province. From May 22 to 23, the NLG listened to the reports on the work of the anti-gang-crime supervision in 10 provinces including Zhejiang, and reviewed and approved relevant documents such as the supervision report.

Li Zhiyong pointed out that, since the Central Government launched the special campaign against gang crimes, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decisions of the Central Party Committee. They attach great importance to the special campaign, highly active politically and determined in action, with distinct characteristics: laying a solid foundation with “Peace Construction”, establishing a guiding position with “two statements”, opening up a new prospect with this opportunity, focusing on rectification in key areas, and supporting with science and technology to improve quality and efficiency. The province’s special campaign against gang crimes has achieved remarkable phase results.

During our supervision, it was found that there are still some problems worthy of attention in the special fight against gang crimes in Zhejiang Province. In terms of political stance, some officials in some regions and departments fail to have a deep understanding for the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decisions and plans of the Central Committee. They don’t have enough understanding of the necessity of carrying out the special fight against gang crimes, nor do they have timely research and planning, or appropriate pressure. A few officials even fear difficulties and are not determined enough in promoting the work. In terms of strict punishment according to law, there are some cases which are of low quality and low time efficiency, which are not precise enough in grasping the accurate legal policies, and which fail to see sufficient efforts to cut money from financial resources. In terms of comprehensive management, some departments are not actively investigating, or do not pay attention to both the symptoms and the root causes, and there is not enough linkage between departments. In terms of thorough investigation, some officials are unwilling to fight, dare not fight, or fail to fight with all efforts, and some even send clues to criminals, or fail to have timely intervention or accountability. In terms of organization, some local village-level organizations have failed to rectify effectively, or failed to give a full play to the role of Party building in guiding the grassroots governance, or failed to have enough supervision and management on village officials. In terms of organizational leadership, the city-county-level anti-gang-crime officials lack adequate coordination and need to improve their capability in case handling.

In response to the existing problems, Li Zhiyong put forward rectification in six aspects: First, further improve the political stance, deepen the understanding of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and decisions and plans of the Central Committee, practically strengthen political responsibility and truly hold the major political responsibility on the shoulders to fight against gang crimes. Second, further intensify the crackdown, delve deep into the criminal clues and the interest chain, improve the efficiency of investigation, and standardize the reporting reward mechanism and implement it. It is necessary to break through a number of difficult cases, dig up a group of hidden criminals, and confiscate black property. The third is to further dig up the behind-the-scenes manipulators, strictly conduct investigation on anyone who is involved, improve the coordination mechanism between political and legal organs and discipline inspection organs, and enhance the investigation on the responsibility for relevant local officials. The fourth is to further improve the ability of punishment according to law, both against "degradation" and against "elevation", strengthen communication and linkage between public security organs, and improve their ability of case handling. The fifth is to further strengthen comprehensive management and leadership in key areas and industries. All relevant departments must undertake the duties and tasks in the special campaign, enhance daily supervision, and improve information sharing and work linkage between local governments and departments. The sixth is to further consolidate the grassroots foundation, combine the special campaign with the construction of “Security Zhejiang”, develop the “Fengqiao experience” in the new era, continue to vigorously rectify party organizations in the weak villages (communities), and strengthen the building of anti-gang-crime offices at all levels, so as to promote the campaign to further development.

On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Che Jun expressed his gratitude and respect to the careful guidance and hard work of the supervision group. The supervision group, he said, has not only affirmed the achievements of Zhejiang in the campaign against gang crimes, but also accurately pointed out the existing problems, and put forward suggestions for rectification. Their feedback is precise and profound, realistic and to the point. This is not only a reminder and warning to us, but also a guide and supervision for us. We must sincerely accept the suggestions, resolutely rectify, and do a solid job in the second phase of supervision.

Supervision and rectification is a political duty we must complete, Che Jun emphasized. It is our responsibility and a combat mobilization order. With practical actions of resolute rectification, comprehensive rectification, and thorough rectification, Zhejiang will promote the formation of high-standard and high-quality rectification results. With firm political consciousness, ideological consciousness and self-consciousness, we must take rectification as an important political task at present, resolutely do everything that is necessary to eliminate gang crimes, and carry out our responsibilities of Zhejiang as an important place.

We must be problem-oriented and effect-oriented, tackle difficulties bravely, locate responsibilities, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and promote our rectification without compromise. We must take the supervision as an opportunity to further strengthen our planning, improve our political stance, and enhance our ability to strike. We must strengthen comprehensive rectification and publicity, and promote the special campaign to depth and achieve new victories.

The feedback was a video conference, with a venue set up in each city and county.


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