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Provincial Government holds 25th executive meeting

On the morning of the 5th July, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 25th executive meeting of the Provincial Government to review the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Beautiful Towns at a High Level", "Opinions on the Implementation of Random and Open Policy in Market Supervision to Promote Corporate Credit”, “Implementation Plan for Deepening Wenzhou Financial Reform to Serve Private Economy”, “Regulations on Non-motor Vehicle Management in Zhejiang Province”, “Regulations on Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone”, and “Regulations on Operation and Maintenance of Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Facilities in Zhejiang Province”.

The meeting pointed out that the beautiful village is a golden business card of Zhejiang, and the beautiful town initiative is a strategic node in urban and rural planning. We must focus on the high-quality development, competitiveness and modernization of small towns, and adhere to the people-centered development thinking and the green development idea. We must develop according to the local conditions, offer guidance according to classification, and stick to characteristic development. We must pay more attention to the overall development of the people and the society, vigorously implement the organic renewal of small towns, and make up the disadvantages in transportation, digitalization and public service, so that we can strive to build small towns into a happy homestead characterized with beautiful environment, beautiful life, beautiful industry, beautiful culture and beautiful administration, so as to form a new layout of urban and rural integration.

The meeting pointed out that "random selections of supervision objects and subjects and publicity of supervision results " is a major reform of China's regulatory system. We must enhance the forefront awareness, highlight the characteristics of Zhejiang, give play to the advantages of the "Internet + supervision" platform of our province, and strengthen the "credit + administrative supervision". We must ensure that the supervision is well-founded and law enforcement traceable, with fairness, efficiency, and high-quality development, so as to create a stable, predictable, rule of law-based business environment.

The meeting pointed out that the "Implementation Plan for Deepening Wenzhou Financial Reform to Serve Private Economy" is the 2.0 version of Wenzhou's financial reform, and is an important measure to lead Wenzhou in high-quality development in the new era. Focusing on the establishment of private enterprise financing mechanism, enterprise and capital market docking mechanism, and financial big data sharing mechanism, we must take the cultivation of new impetus for development as an important task, and highlight innovation and talents. We must give play to the main role of Wenzhou, strengthen the interactions between the Provincial Government and municipal governments, and coordination between departments, and rely on reform, opening and innovation to promote Wenzhou's economic and social development to a higher level.

The meeting also discussed other issues.


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