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The Fifth Session of the Finance and Economic Committee of the 14th Provincial Party Committee held

On the afternoon of July 8, the Fifth Session of the Finance and Economic Committee of the 14th Provincial Party Committee was held to hear reports on the implementation of projects of smooth financing, and prevention and resolution of financial risks, on the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policies, and on the stabilization of foreign trade and foreign investment. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Che Jun stressed that all relevant departments in various localities should profoundly grasp the current economic situation, keep close to the goals and tasks of the year, and focus closely on key tasks, to continue to deepen the structural reforms on the supply side, to promote the stabilization of enterprises, the increase of momentum, and the maintenance of security, to promote the sustained, stable and healthy development of the economy and then society, and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China with outstanding achievements.

Yuan Jiajun, Zheng Shanjie and other members of the Finance and Economic Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and those in charge of the relevant departments directly under the provincial government attended the meeting.

Che Jun pointed out that since the implementation of the projects for smooth financing by the provincial party committee this year, the relevant departments and municipalities of the province have been acting swiftly and steadily, and all financial institutions have been responding positively and actively, and all work has been progressing well. It is necessary to raise the benchmark and continue to advance, to promote the structural reform of the financial supply side with more meticulous work, and to improve financial services with high quality. It is necessary to clarify the demand, to make the financial services more preferential and to make supply and demand more matched. It is necessary to do a solid job in the construction of a comprehensive financial service platform, the construction of credit systems and evaluation systems, the combination of finance and science and technology and other basic work, to fundamentally improve the effectiveness of the finance serving the real economy. It is necessary to focus on fighting against financial risks, to earnestly safeguard the good financial environment in this province.

Che Jun emphasized that the Party Central Committee and the State Council have been attaching great importance to tax reduction and fee reduction, and the policies introduced are tailored unprecedented, which has greatly stimulated the vitality of market entities. It is necessary to accurately implement the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, to effectively carry out policy interpretation and publicity on the basis of the in-depth implementation of the “three services” activities, and to continuously optimize the operation process, so that enterprises can be informed earlier and more benefited. The management of fiscal revenue and expenditure should be more elaborate. It is necessary not only to cultivate high-quality financial resources and revitalize funds in financial stock and assets, but also to pay more attention to the reduction of general expenditures. It is necessary to ensure key tasks, to concentrate financial resources to deal with significant issues, and to use the limited financial resources properly. It is necessary to strengthen debt control, to seize the “three guarantees” bottom line, to increase transfer payments, and to effectively prevent and control risks related to financial operation.

Che Jun stressed that it is necessary to fully stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment and to unswervingly expand opening up to the outside world, so as to provide strong support for the steady and healthy economic development in the whole province. It is necessary to further optimize the business environment and to understand the needs of enterprises, solve the problems facing enterprises, and enhance the confidence of enterprises through the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure” and the “three services” activities, so as to earnestly secure the implementation of policies and stimulate the initiative and creativity of enterprises. It is necessary to base ourselves on doing our own things well and to do a good job in economic work such as effective investment, expanding consumption, stabilizing employment, and improving people’s livelihood. It is necessary to focus on solving various potential impacts other than trade such as talents and intellectual property rights, to study new opportunities, new risks and new challenges in advance, to optimize and perfect economic policies, and to make them more precise and compatible with international rules, international practices and international standard. It is necessary to enhance the awareness of overall situation, to earnestly secure the implementation of major innovation projects, to support the reform and innovation of Xihu University, to further create a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and thus to implement the strategy of empowering the province with innovation.

Other matters were also studied at the meeting.


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