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Zhejiang carries out “maximum one visit service procedure” reform within government organizations

According to the promotion meeting on "maximum one visit service procedure" reform within the government organizations, all government departments in the province will closely follow the requirements of "simplifying procedures, optimizing processes, reducing materials, compressing time, reducing visits, and constructing platforms". They will locate the problems, grasp the regulations, and accurately aim at the target, so as to win the battle of service procedure reform within the government.

It is understood that the service procedure reform within the government organizations is a major policy against formalism and bureaucracy to create a province with the most efficient government, a key measure to promote the service procedure reform, improve quality and efficiency, and build the best business environment, and a most powerful handle for regulating the operation of power and creating a clean and honest Zhejiang.

Next, all departments in our province will comprehensively sort out the internal affairs of the organization, optimize and refine procedures, and put power into the cage of policy and data. In accordance with the overall government thinking, we will guarantee maximum one visit for the whole procedures, with only one set of materials, one table application, one submission, and processed at one window on one network. We will determine the processing time and improve the efficiency according to different situations such as the handling documents and affairs. Relying on the Zhejiang government service network and the "Zhezhengding" platform, we will develop an internal coordination system within the organizations, improve the data sharing exchange system, and take solid efforts to achieve "one account login on one interface at one network with one table and one-click operation". At the same time, we will strengthen the overall process efficiency monitoring, and take the internal office efficiency as an important basis for the annual assessment of the government departments.

According to reliable resources, the province will refine the latest reform results and best cases of various organizations to formulate local standards for “maximum one visit service procedure” reform within the government. It is hoped that all departments will issue a standard system for internal service procedures before the end of the year, and will try to upgrade it into national standards, so as to provide more Zhejiang elements, Zhejiang experience, and Zhejiang samples for national reforms.


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