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The educational campaign continuously deepened in our province and the “three servings” enforced in depth to promote reform and development

Since the launch of the education campaign with the theme of “staying true to our original aspiration and firmly keeping our mission in mind”, all departments and units have been standing at the political height of the “three places” and closely integrating the education campaign with the the “three servings” activities, to promote the further development of various reforms and to promote the substantial and long-term effect of the construction of the “two high-levels” in our province.

The Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has been combining the educational campaign with the resolution of the difficult problems related to the reform in the political and legal field. Through in-depth study, this committee comprehensively has sorted out the list of key tasks for the reform of the political and legal field in our province, and drafted the implementation opinions on comprehensively deepening reform in the political and legal field in our province, promoting new breakthroughs in the reform in this field. It has been implementing in depth the digital collaborative projects in this field, to vigorously promote the quality and expand the service scope of the integrated work system of the political and legal organs, and to promote the reform in the quality, efficiency, and dynamics of the political and legal work; at the same time, it has been trying to get rid of formalities performed for formalities’ sake, scientifically formulating the assessment indicators, vigorously promoting no-account assessment, and effectively relieving the grassroots of their burden. Through the educational campaign, the “three servings” activities have been deepened; surveys and investigations have been made around social governance; the intensive problem-solving action has been taken for the “four platforms for grassroots governance” in the educational campaign in response to issues about which people are most concerned, such as excessively various network platforms, repeated data entry, and poor user experience; a five-level governance norm has been put forth for the province, the cities, the counties, the townships and the villages.

The Provincial Development and Reform Commission has been implementing its original aspiration and mission and make intensified efforts to take responsibilities and make achievements in implementing major reform and development tasks. In the deepening of the reform and the tackling of the difficulties, it has been working out substantial and effective measures to solve hard and new problems. Through the weekly regular meeting of the Party group and the monthly session of “Educational Lecture Hall”, etc., it has been guiding Party members and cadres to make intensive and thorough studies, to look for aspects of weakness in development and reform, and to carry out a number of investigations, so as to solve a series of problems for the enterprises, the masses, and the grassroots units, and so as to further seek new ideas for development to deal with the problems and needs in the reform of “a maximum of 90 days” for the approval of enterprise investment projects, to improve the index system for the evaluation of business environment, and to improve the online approval and supervision platform. Meanwhile, it has focused on Sino-US trade frictions, organizing governors, mayors and magistrates to make investigations to help solve difficult problems and ensure the smooth implementation of major projects.

In order to promote reform to better serve the overall situation of development, the Provincial Department of Transportation has been closely focusing on the requirements of “keeping the original aspiration, being committed to the mission, finding out the gaps, and making earnest implementation”, to learn at a higher political footing, to reflect closely on the basis of the actual traffic conditions, to focus on implementation by taking substantial and effective measures, and to making rectification by focusing on the prominent problems, striving for the effectiveness of the educational campaign. It has been using the educational campaign to promote the “three servings”, to actively create the “smooth traffic in Zhejiang” brand by extending the reform of the “maximum one visit service procedure” into the field of the public service field of transport, and to research and propose 20 convenience service measures. The leaders of this department led a team of “a hundred resident people” to have on-site investigations, and the young Party members of the whole system formed a group of “a thousand visiting people”, to resolutely put an end to formalism. As a result, they initially found out 85 key issues and worked out 5 lists of “making investigations, promoting people’s livelihood, overcoming difficulties, improving efficiency, establishing systems” and 63 tasks.

In the theme education, the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province has been reflecting its original aspiration and mission in the process of serving the people, to find out aspects of weakness in services and to promote implementation. Focusing on the work requirements of “seeking the blessing of the people’s health and easing people’s agony caused by diseases”, this commission has launched five major actions of “intensively learning theories, extensively investigating by all staff, self-examining by large-scale investigations, rectifying the discipline and the manner, and competing in solving difficult problems”. Through the theme education, this commission strives to guide Party members and cadres to make the health undertaking satisfactory to the people, to solve prominent problems in deep investigation and substantial reform, and to deal with the difficulty of medical service for some people through the close combination of the theme education and the “three servings” activities. Since the theme education, this commission and the authorities directly under it have visited 87 grassroots units, 21 enterprises, and 83 people in difficulty. 94 problems have been discovered, among which 78 have been resolved and 5 have been resolved through coordination between departments. All this indicates that the theme education has been continuously enforced substantially.


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