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Hospitals in Zhejiang promote Health Medical Insurance Card (HMIC) for people to see doctors with only QR code

In Zhejiang, information barriers between hospitals are gradually being eliminated. On July 15th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Health Commission that the hospitals in Hangzhou have officially launched the “Health Medical Insurance Card” (HMIC) for people to use only one QR code to realize the information sharing between different hospitals and easily go through all medical procedures.

The reporter learned that the “HMIC” is an integration of the Electronic Health Card and the Electronic Social Security Card. The Electronic Health Card, issued by the health department, is a health file which records the medical treatment of the people in different hospitals. The Electronic Social Security Card, issued by the social security department, is mainly used for medical insurance settlement and financial payment. This year, led by the Provincial Health Commission, the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the Provincial Bureau of Big Data jointly promoted the integration of the two cards, which is an extension of the “service procedure” reform into the public service field, and an important measure to promote the digital transformation of the government.

The Electronic Health Card and the Electronic Social Security Card are important carriers for people to see a doctor. In the past, because they belonged to different information systems, there was no share of information between the cards. As an official from the Provincial Health Commission told the reporter, the self-funded patients had to hold the hospital's medical card in order to seek medical treatment in that hospital.

What convenience can the “HMIC” bring? With the integration of the two cards, we will gradually abolish the hospital's medical card and achieve “all done on one network”,  including functions such as appointment, registration, medical report inquiry, medical insurance settlement, and mobile payment. In the outpatient hall of the Provincial People's Hospital, the reporter witnessed the card-free medical procedure by Mr. Zhao, a citizen of Hangzhou. Mr. Zhao opened his health medical insurance card in the Zheliban app, selected his health QR code, and scanned on the self-checkout machine to obtain the registration form.

Then Mr. Zhao came to the clinic, where Chen Xi, the director of the General Medical Department, scanned the QR code with the terminal, and Mr. Zhao’s health information within half a year appeared on the computer. The reporter noted that in the shared information, there were also records in other provincial hospitals in Hangzhou. After the consultation, Mr. Zhao continued to use the QR code to go through other procedures like blood tests, picking up medicines, getting electronic invoices, etc. The results of his medical examination are also synchronized to the “HMIC” in the same day.

At present, the patients can use the “Health Medical Insurance Card” in 13 provincial hospitals in Hangzhou and 11 Hangzhou municipal hospitals to get medical treatment. Before the end of October this year, the service will achieve full coverage of the cities in the province.


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