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In-depth education campaign on the theme of “staying true to our original aspiration and keeping firmly in mind our mission” carried out in Zhejiang Province

In the period of more than a month since the launch of an in-depth education campaign on the theme of “staying true to our original aspiration and keeping firmly in mind our mission” carried out in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of units stood at the political height of the “three places” , to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of a series of important statements by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the theme education, to transform it into a highly conscious awareness of the “two upholdings”, into a spiritual state of shouldering responsibilities and making achievements, into a value-oriented pursuit of serving the masses, and a powerful driving force for self-revolution, to promote the theme education to go deeper and be at the forefront, and thus to fully embody “Zhejiang characteristic” and “the red ship spirit”.

According to the spirit of the Central Party Committee and the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, there are 114 units involved in the first batch of theme education in this province, including the departments directly under the Provincial Government and the units directly affiliated to it, provincial enterprises, and the municipal government agencies and the units directly affiliated to them in Hangzhou and Ningbo. Up to now, all the 114 units have carried out an educational campaign and an investigation, and simultaneously initiated inspection and examination for potential problems and accordingly the relevant rectification and implementation. The theme education has progressed in a smooth manner and in good shape.

Role model

Giving full play to the “head geese” effect

Nothing is more appealing than action.

What is the effectiveness of the theme education in our province currently? What problems are involved? How can it be promoted in a healthy and orderly way? With these questions, the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee made a special investigation in Hangzhou, on July 9.

Since the launch of the theme education, the Provincial Party Committee has been resolutely shouldering the main responsibility. All this culminated in the fact that the members of the standing committee of the Provincial Party Committee took the lead in taking the initiative to make a trip to the Jiaxing Nanhu Lake, to perceive the new thoughts through special study and discussion, to take the lead to solve difficulties through investigations and surveys, and to reach consensus through special lectures.

One deployment after another and one step after another have been releasing a strong signal: Zhejiang is willing to carry out the theme education at a higher political position and with stronger consciousness.

In the past few days, each member of the standing committee of the Provincial Party Committee was mainly in charge of one key project, for which each of them went to various fields or grassroots units to investigate, and for which they give Party members and cadres special lectures related to the theme education on the basis of their actual work, learning experience, and research experience.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the Provincial Government, and the Party group of the Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference followed suit and made every effort to do a good job in the various tasks involved in theme education. The Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, the Office of the Provincial Party Committee, the office of the Provincial Government, the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, etc. have carried out the theme education distinctively and effectively by fully acting on the deployments made by the Party Central Committee and by focusing on their actual work.

Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and with the guidance of the pioneering example set by it, all units regarded the theme education as the primary political task, and closely followed the “12-character” general requirement of the theme education and the “six newness” objectives and tasks set in this province, thus carrying out the theme education at high positions and with high standards.

Strong determination

Strengthening the self-cultivation of the Party through intensive learning and profound understanding

The enthusiasm for learning of the Party members and cadres in Zhejiang is more scorching than the temperature in the early summer. From June 16 to 22, the Provincial Party Committee organized two two batches of special training classes, to conduct intensive training for 1080 cadres directly under its supervision. Up to now, the first batch of units have carried out 3,644 concentrated learning in the form of the central group study and the reading classes.

All units in our province closely followed the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and attached equal importance to self-study and concentrated study, to promote the theoretical study to effective. In addition to the books chosen by the Provincial Party Committee and the Party constitution, all the Party members and cadres should also earnestly read the three books of “Making Efforts in a Down-to-earth Manner and Walking in the Forefront”, “Zhijiang New Language” and “Interpreting the ‘Double Eight Strategies’”, to better understand the germination process and the vivid practice of the great ideas in Zhejiang.

The Provincial Development and Reform Commission holds a weekly meeting for the Party group study, a monthly “Educational Lecture Hall”, a “Recommend Good Books, Present Good Books and Read Good Books” activities every quarter, and a round of training for Party members and cadres every year, to guide Party members and cadres to learn in an intensive and rewarding manner.

Focusing on 100 special lectures, 100 theme days, and 100 Chinese characters for the perception of the original aspiration, the Provincial Airport Group made full use of the carriers of the Hangzhou Airport History Museum and the stations reminding the Party members of the original aspirations to enhance the effectiveness of the theme education.

The Provincial Construction Investment Group held a special reading meeting on “Inheriting Revolutionary Genes and Keeping Firmly the Original Aspiration and Mission in Mind”. The Party branches carried out the Party-day activities with the theme of “Original Aspiration and Responsibilities” , and held exhibition on the revolutionary genes and the revolutionary power. Until now, there have been more than more than 3,000 persons visiting this exhibition personally and more than 10,000 online.

Using the 100 good cadres with conscientious responsibilities in Zhejiang as role models, learning from the things and people around, paying visits to revolutionary heritage sites, and actively learning through “night classes” and “replenishment” flexibility, all the Party members and cadres of all units have been arm themselves with intensive theories and thus constantly tempering their political sense of loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility.

Great responsibilities

Seeking development by making use of all possible resources

Since June this year, heavy rains and even rainstorms have been striking many places in Zhejiang Province, resulting in traffic disruption, culvert blockage, river back-flow and other problems  which have been posing great threat to the life and property of the people.

To put the original aspiration and mission of the Party members into practice at the forefront of flood control and prevention, all the units and Party members and cadres in our province regard the prevention and rescue work as an important task of the current theme education, so that the bright red Party flags were flying high where there were the most urgent flooding situation and where the masses had the most urgent needs.

At present, it is a consensus in thinking and a consciousness for action for all the units and all the Party members and cadres to combine the theme education with the promotion of the central work, the resolution of the difficulties impeding development, and the improvement of the sense of fulfillment of the masses.

Hangzhou has been implementing “Ten Major Projects” including the endeavors for the Asian Games and the urban brain, and “Top Ten Livelihoods” like garbage classification and home care. The city leaders are mainly in charge of 39 research projects, and the municipal units set up 1177 research groups to make investigations on spot, to eliminate the difficulties impeding development and to help the people out of worries.

Ningbo has been requiring all departments at all levels to take the “six struggles to tackle the difficulties” as the test site for testing the achievements of the theme education, and solidly promoting the construction of the “246” trillion-yuan industrial cluster, the Ningbo Qianwan New District, and the Yongjiang Science and Technology and Innovation Grand Corridor. This year, 13 industrial projects of tens of billions of yuan have been completed, expanded or started in the whole city.

Focusing on the “difficulties involved in medical services” and “worries involved in medical services”, the Provincial Health Commission has been deepening the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure” in the field of medical and health services, by launching ten steps such as “face identification for medical treatment, cost settlement after medical services, and one-stop medical services”.

The Provincial International Trade Group has been carrying out the “seven major actions” of strengthening the foundation, stabilizing development, promoting responsibility, controlling risks, practicing internal strength, making joint efforts, and transforming the manner of work, thus effectively strengthening the leading role of the theme education for enterprises.

All units in our province have been coming up with effective substantial measure and taking as the “touchstone” the implementation of the national strategy of integrating the Yangtze River Delta, the deepening of the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure” , the victory in the three major battles, the facilitation of the rural revitalization, the promotion of the modernization of grassroots governance, and the resolution of the “key minor issues of people’s livelihood” for the effectiveness of the theme education.

Great courage

Making down-to-earth efforts to enforce the rectification

Recently, the Theme Education Leading Group Office of the Provincial Party Committee has set up five discipline groups to see whether the theme education has been carried out in all provincial units, whether the requirements made by the Central and Provincial Party Committees were implemented, and whether there were still practices of formalism, etc. The results of the inspection visits were announced on the media, which caused great repercussions in the province. Up to now, the discipline groups have carried out 4 rounds of unannounced visits, found 35 problems in 19 units and urged them for the rectifications.

At the beginning of the theme education, this province has been attaching great importance to the rectification of the problems, and fully utilizing the research results of the “Intensive Learning, Extensive Investigations, and Strict Implementation” and the “Three-Services” activities, comprehensively working out prominent problems, shortcomings and weaknesses, and giving full play to the nailing spirit. The Provincial Party Committee sent out 18 steering groups to guide, supervise and check the first batch of units for rectification and implementation and for the identification and resolution of outstanding problems.

As the leading unit for the special campaign against black and evil forces, the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has drafted the overall plan for the rectification work in response to the 37 opinions on six aspects in the feedback from the central supervision team, and organized and coordinated the relevant departments at all levels to seriously enforce the rectification. Up to now, 19 of the 37 problems reflected by the supervisors have been fully rectified and 11 have been basically rectified.

The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has been implementing “Six Special Campaigns”, such as the smart planning of the Asian Games, the deepening of the operational plan, and the promotion of the stadium construction, and worked out a list of 29 key issues for rectification, including the equestrian project issue and the system design for preparations. The rectification of these issues has been assigned to the municipal leaders in charge.

The Provincial Department of Transportation has been focusing on the key issues of social development and the welfare of people’s livelihood, such as the integration of transportation in the Yangtze River Delta and the abolition of inter-provincial toll stations.

The problems are inspected and examined accurately and the rectification is implemented effectively. This province will comprehensively launch 9 special rectifications based on the theme education in the near future. At present, the two special rectifications, such as violations of rules and regulations for the selection of employers and leaders at the grassroots level, and the reorganization of weak grassroots Party organizations, are progressing in an orderly manner.

Zhejiang is constantly pushing the theme education to a better level with better manners, more practical measures and higher requirements, thus striving to allow the masses to truly feel the effect of the theme education.

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