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The Provincial Government held the fourth plenary meeting on July 22

The Provincial Government held the fourth plenary meeting on July 22, to implement the spirit of the standing committee of the Provincial Party Committee, to analyze the work in the first half of this year, and to deploy the tasks for the second half of this year. Governor Yuan Jiajun stressed that it is necessary to adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era of as a guide, so as to carry out the theme education in the government system in a self-revolutionary spirit, so as to fully stimulate the powerful motivation for making achievements, so as to focus on high-quality development, the improvement of competitiveness, and modernization, so as to highlight stabilizing enterprises, increasing kinetic energy, and ensuring security, so as to accurately and effectively focus on the development of the industry, stabilize foreign trade, prevent risks, optimize the environment, expand investment, strengthen innovation, and benefit people’s livelihood, so as to make full efforts to take a series of measures for high-quality development, and so as to ensure the full completion of the annual targets.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that since the beginning of this year, in the face of complex and severe external environment, various localities and departments have been resolutely implementing the decisions and deployments made by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee, carrying out the “three services” activities in depth, making every effort to do a good job in “stabilizing six aspects”, and thus maintaining a good momentum in high-quality development. However, we must also clearly see that the economic growth in our province is bearing pressure in stable progress and facing risks in development. We must maintain strategic strength, adhere to problem-orientation, estimate the difficulties, risks and challenges more fully, and prepare the response measures more fully, and thus fully promote the sustained and healthy development of the economy and the society.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that in the second half of this year, all localities and departments should adhere to the general style of seeking steady progress while maintaining stability and insist on the confidence in and determination for high-quality development, to find out the weakness with reference to the standards, to focus on implementation by taking substantial and effective measures, and to strive to provide support for the overall situation of the country. First, we must give top priority to the stabilization of enterprises and the prevention of risks first. To this end, it is necessary to adhere to the combination of helping enterprises through the implementation of policies and the streamlining and strengthening of the enterprises, to highlight the coordination of provinces, cities and counties, the inter-departmental cooperation, and the collaboration between governments, banks and enterprise, to improve the work system for the stabilization of enterprises and the prevention of risks, to accurately and effectively solve corporate risks, to vigorously promote tax reduction and fee reduction, to go all out to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, and to do everything possible to promote the industrial recovery. Second, we must adhere to the expansion of investment and the increase of the stamina.To this end, it is necessary to fully implement the investment new policies, to grab investment hot spots, to plan to build a number of large and profitable projects by focusing on rail transit, “10,000 mu of 100 billion” new industry platforms, organic renewal, old residential renovation, future communities, future industries, 5G+, characteristic towns, etc., and to vigorously introduce foreign investment and investment by central enterprises; it is necessary to promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta in an all-round way, to promote the “Four Major” construction year activities with high standards, to implement the rural revitalization strategy with high quality, and to win the battle of eliminating the weak villages with collective economy. Third, we must insist on strengthening strong innovation and growth. It is necessary to lead the industry innovation with the digital economy “No. 1 Project”, to lead the technological innovation by creating “Internet +", life health and new materials, to lead the enterprises to make innovations by implementing the technology-based enterprises, and to focus on the key core technologies. Fourth, we must adhere to reform and excellent environment. To this end, we will further promote the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure”, the evaluation system based on the yield of each mu, and the government digital transformation, to accelerate the promotion of market entities, to comprehensively build a social credit system, and to continuously improve the financial environment, and to create the best business environment. Fifth, we must adhere to the principle of benefiting the people and ensuring peace. We will resolutely crack down on pollution prevention and control, strengthen the control of the domestic garbage and the industrial waste, intensify the treatment of pollution in coastal waters, and do a good job in ten aspects of livelihood, in the rectification based on the feedback given by the supervisors from the central government and work safety, in the cracking down on the evil forces, and in the prevention of floods and typhoons, so as to continuously improve the people’s sense of security and happiness.

Yuan Jiajun demanded that the government system of the whole province should come up with the courage for self-revolution, compete positively in studying and make achievements in a clean way, resolve to improve the “four systems”, resolve to optimize the business environment, and resolve to rectify the phenomenon of “numerous files and meetings” and the fragmentation of work, so as to speed up the construction of the institutional mechanisms at the forefront, and so as to further promote the theme education with the great responsibility of struggling at the forefront.


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