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Taking the public’s word of mouth as the guidance for action when practicing the original aspiration and mission

From July 23 to 24, Governor Yuan Jiajun went to the Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County to make an investigation. According to him, the public word of mouth is more valuable than any fame and reputation. He stressed that it is necessary to profoundly comprehend General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Thought on People-Centered Development, to comprehensively and accurately grasp the sense of purpose, to take the public’s word of mouth as guidance for action when practicing the original aspiration and mission, and to comprehensively improve the abilities to serve the masses, organize the masses, publicize the masses, educate the masses, and lead the masses, so as to really solve the most practical problems of interest that people are most concerned about and so as to constantly enhance people’s sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.

Yuan Jiajun came to Xiaozuo Village and Xi'andi Village, Daji Township and Shenyang VIllage and Taoyuan Village, Dongkeng Township, to make an in-depth investigation of terrace circulation and renting, characteristic home-stays, global tourism, inheritance and protection of natural and historical cultural heritage, and farmers’ production and living. Dongkeng Township is the grassroots contact point of Yuan Jiajun, and it is his second visit, with the first one dating back to a year ago. The villagers were pleased to introduce to him that the number of tourists in the whole year exceeded 100,000, and the supply of alpine grapes can meet the demand. Seeing that the village has become more beautiful and the people’s lives are better, Yuan Jiajun felt very encouraged. He said that this is our original aspiration of practicing of the “two mountains” conception and constructing a grand garden. We must adhere to the principle of making the people wealthy and making the ecology beauty, and we must deepen the integration of agriculture and tourism, the integration of culture and tourism, and the integration of urban development and tourism, by changing green mountains into scenic mountains and by changing the farmers’ residences into home-stays, for the purpose of the high-quality development of rural tourism, leisure and holiday, cultural experience and other tourism business patterns, and of enriching the people through various channels.

In the home of two retired military personnel, Lei Fushen and Lei Fangyuan, Yuan Jiajun was concerned with the employment and entrepreneurship, and the family income. Knowing that Lei Fangyuan leads an increasingly wealthy life through the cultivation of white tea, Yuan Jiajun was very pleased. He pointed out that the important signs of rural revitalization is that science and technology enter the countryside, that funds enter the countryside, that the youth return to the countryside, and that the village talents return to the countryside. It is necessary to improve the system and mechanism for the integration of urban and rural development, to vigorously promote the “two entering and two returning”, and to promote talents of all trades and industrial and commercial capital to “going to the mountains and the countryside”, so as to fully stimulate the vitality of the countryside. In particular, Yuan Jiajun urged the local government to intensify policy supply and to accurately guarantee various services for the entrepreneurship and employment of the retired military personnel, so as to make the “Glorious Family” into the "family of entrepreneurship” leading the rural revitalization.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the mass line is the lifeline and fundamental working line of our Party. Lishui City and Jingning County should take the theme education as an opportunity, to use the views of the masses fully, to take the mass line, and to adhere to the mass work methods, so as to jointly build the most beautiful core area of the Grand Garden of Picturesque Zhejiang. It is necessary to vigorously carry forward and practice the revolutionary spirit of southwestern Zhejiang, and to take advantage of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and a new round of cooperation between mountainous areas and sea areas, so as to accelerate the construction of the grand channel for southwestern ecotourism and the Lishui National Park, so as to unswervingly develop ecological agriculture, ecological industry, and cultural tourism, so as to vigorously develop a healthy economy, and so as to continue to launch special brands such as “Lishui Shanteng”, “Jingning 600”, “Shejiale” , etc.

During the investigation, Yuan Jiajun also inspected the flood prevention work along the Sanchaoxi watershed. He stressed that currently we are in the critical stage of the main flooding period, so all the relevant departments of all localities should conscientiously implement and study the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. It is necessary to uphold the spirit of extreme responsibility for the people, to resolutely overcome the shackles of iPnorance and laxity, to carefully investigate hidden dangers, to strengthen scientific forecasting and early warning, and to earnestly implement work responsibilities, so as to continuously improve the ability to prevent and control geological disasters, and so as to protect the security of the lives and property of the people.


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