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Zhejiang Province links theme activities with promotion of “maximum one visit service procedure” reform

In the past few days, many institutions in our province have stood at the political height to promote the theme activities to go deeper. They integrated the theme activities with the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform, and solved many problems with which people are most concerned. Through the theme activities, they have further deepened the reform towards “maximum one visit service procedure”, so as to ensure that the theme activities highlight the “revolutionary boat spirit” and “Zhejiang style”.

The Provincial Party Committee Reform Office earnestly fulfilled the functions and duties of the “designers” and “builders” of the reform, and transformed the enthusiasm inspired by the theme education into a new drive in the reform, promoting both theme activities and reform with equal efforts. The office focuses on the whole life cycle of individuals from cradle to grave, and the whole life cycle of enterprises from the start-up to the cancellation to promote service procedure reform. It has researched and solved problems like garbage classification, installation of elevators in old communities, and services upgrading in transportation hubs. It has upgraded the service at the Hangzhou East Railway Station to make it the first step of the "maximum one visit service procedure" reform to extend to the public places. It has formulated the “10+N” action to optimize the business environment, and continuously enhanced the sense gain of the people and enterprises from reform. In order to create a province with the strongest efficiency, it has accelerated digital transformation, promoted the “maximum one visit service procedure" reform within the institutions, and effectively solved the striking problems of multiple visits, long periods, multiple procedures, and troublesome signs.

To carry out the theme activities, we must be problem-oriented, actively investigate the problems, and focus on "reform" throughout the whole process. On the basis of earnest study and discussion, the Provincial Department of Transportation is keen on locating the exact problems and timely finding out difficulties and bottlenecks in transportation, enterprise service and industrial management through the first-hand investigation and field investigation. It has recently cancelled or decentralized14 administrative authorities and at the same time created a unified digital management platform to promote technical services such as electronic licenses, simplified services, active services, and online services”, so that the enterprises and the public may visit only once to run through the procedures. In order to solve the last mile problem for rural roads, the Provincial Department of Transportation actively promoted the construction of “Good Rural Roads”, which focuses on solving the hard problem of rural roads and actively creating “smooth rural roads”, so as to promote the “service procedure” reform to extend to the public service sector.

For the convenience of the people, the Provincial Public Security Department has continued to strengthen problem inspections, focusing on the combination of the theme activities with daily work, constantly improving quality and efficiency in the work, and promoting “maximum one visit” to “no need to visit” and “do it nice and fast”. It continued to promote running through procedures “with one certificate”, “via the Internet” or “at the mobile office”, and set up a training class to carry out facilitate the reform. According to the target task, 50 inclusive livelihood issues are to be accessible with only one certificate before the end of June, and more will be added to the list by the end of July, with as many issues as possible to be accessed with only one certificate. At the same time, it has fully carried out a granulated coming of the issues and the people’s sense of gain has been improved significantly.

Only by remaining true to our initial mission can we always think about what the people think and need. The Provincial Health Commission takes the health and well-being of the people as their initial mission to relieve the people from the suffering of diseases, and combines the theme education with the "key trifles" in the medical treatment of the people. In order to promote “maximum one visit service procedure” or even no visit, it has moved their service and reforms closer to the people. In the medical institutions at all levels in the province, it has steadily carried out new measures such as “one visit for birth certificate”, medical treatment by facial registration and recognition, appointment vaccination, and “Internet + medical health”, so as to reduce the difficulties and blocking points in medical treatment.


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