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Yuan Jiajun: Improving the business environment with the spirit of self-targeted revolution

From the 2nd to the 3rd July, focusing on improving the business environment, Governor Yuan Jiajun visited Diankou Town of Zhuji City, Yuecheng District and Keqiao District of Shaoxing City, and the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Provincial Construction Department to carry out an investigation on the educational activities of “remaining true to our mission”. He emphasized that optimizing the business environment is a self-targeted revolution of the government that reshapes the relationship between the government and the market. The key is to have the consciousness of facing the problems and the courage of self-criticism.

We should take the educational activities as an opportunity to deepen the reforms that delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services and the reform towards “maximum one visit service procedure”, to accelerate the digital transformation of the government, and to continuously optimize the business environment. In this way, we can enable the rapid growth and healthy development of enterprises, and create a new advantageous mechanism that will benefit the enterprise and the people with an effective market and an efficient government, so as to contribute to the overall development of the national reform. Chen Jiwa, head of the Second Guiding Group of the Central Government, and Long Xinnan, deputy head of the group, attended the event.

“Is it convenient for the company to run through the procedures?” “Can your application be approved on the same day?” “What dissatisfactions do you have in the procedures?” At the “All Done in One Day” window at Zhuji City Public Service Center, and the Joint Market in China Textile City, Yuan Jiajun visited the shop owners and exchanged with the people who came to handle their business, and asked them how they felt. He was told that many things can now be handled "at one window, in all parts of the city, with one certificate, and on mobile devices", saving them much time and effort. Yuan Jiajun said that, if we cannot make the business environment best, we can make it better. To create a stable, predictable and rule-of-law business environment, we need to make continuous efforts in a long run. We should focus on stability and risk prevention, strengthen the forefront consciousness, be problem-oriented, and find out the difficulties, pains and bottlenecks of enterprises, so as to constantly improve services and administrative efficiency.

In visiting the pilot Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Platform in Zhuji City, the staff said that through this platform, they had tasted the sweet of digital transformation, and the forefront law enforcement inspection had become more standardized, precise, and efficient. Yuan Jiajun expressed his affirmation. He urged them to do a good job in the construction of the "Internet + supervision" and "credit + financing" system, and build a public credit information platform to ensure that the management be effective, fair and well operated. At the Public Service Center of Diankou Town, Shaoxing SME Public Service Platform and Ruifeng Bank, Yuan Jiajun asked about the implementation of the tax reduction and fee reduction policies, and urged them to improve services, overcome the last barrier for tax and fee reduction policies,  and promote the reform of the natural gas system, so that the public and enterprises have more sense of gain.

During the investigation, Yuan Jiajun presided over a meeting to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the grassroots organizations. He emphasized that optimizing the business environment is a key measure to deal with the downward pressure on the economy, promote the transformation of government functions, and create new advantages in regional competition. It has great significance for overall development, especially for optimizing the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, deepening the reform of the government itself, so as to improve the market efficiency to benefit the enterprises and the people. We should follow closely the five forefront goals, integrate the optimization of the business environment into every aspect of the government work, and vigorously promote the "10+N" action to optimize the business environment, so that we can achieve the stability of economic operation and improvement of regional competitiveness.

On the afternoon of the 2nd July, Yuan Jiajun came to the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Provincial Construction Department for investigation. He stressed that we should learn from the advanced organizations, make up for our shortcomings, strengthen data sharing and collaborative application, and focus on the core indicators of core businesses, so as to promote the digital transformation of the government to the forefront. Wang Wenxu and Peng Jiaxue participated in the investigation.


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