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Yuan Jiajun: More efforts to promote the government's digital transformation for more results

On the afternoon of July 5th, the Provincial Government held the 7th special meeting on “Deepening the ‘service procedure’ reform and promoting the government’s digital transformation”. Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized that the digital transformation of the Provincial Government has entered a new stage of integration and innovation. All local governments and departments should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, and combine the digital transformation of the government with the further implementation of the new expectations of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Zhejiang, with the implementation of the spirit of the important speech of Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Zhejiang, and with the theme activity of “remaining true to our founding mission”. We should further raise the benchmark, identify the gap, focus on the implementation, and strive to advance the government’s digital transformation for more results, and carry out the reform towards "maximum one visit service procedure” to the end.

Yuan Jiajun fully affirmed the work of the Provincial Government on digital transformation in the previous stage. He demanded that all local governments and departments should transform the enthusiasm and enterprising spirit inspired by the theme education into a powerful driving force for digital transformation, further strengthen the awareness of benchmarking, and identify their own positions, the direction of efforts, and the key points, so as to make up the weak points in work.

Yuan Jiajun emphasized that we should focus on key areas and accelerate the transformation from a small bonsai to a vast landscape, from quantitative to qualitative. First, we must strengthen the upgrade of the government APPs such as Zhezhengding and Zheliban. For Zhezhengding, we should strengthen APP integration, more functions applied online, new apps development and promotion, interface optimization and standardized management; For Zheliban, we should improve its service capabilities on mobile devices, accelerate the implementation of “one certificate for all businesses concerning people’s livelihood”, create more convenient service applications and enhance user activities. Second, we must continue to optimize the business environment, take "Internet + government services" as a key measure, and enable access via one website for individuals and enterprises. Third, we must strengthen the linkage development between the credit system and other fields, and launch a number of typical application case scenarios to lead the whole society to form a good atmosphere of trustworthiness and to create a gold business card “credit Zhejiang”. Fourth, we must speed up the construction of "Internet + supervision", establish an inter-departmental joint supervision mechanism, and explore digital supervision methods to ensure fairness and justice. Fifth, we must promote the construction and application of key projects, improve the user coverage and service quality of online projects, and strengthen the integration of Zhezhengding, the four grassroots platforms, and the projects for risk prevention. Sixth, we must continue to promote data sharing and openness, improve data collection efficiency, data rectification quality, data openness level and data sharing level in the integration of Yangtze River Delta, and firmly hold the bottom line of data security.

At the meeting, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Party Committee Network Office, Wenzhou City and Jinhua City made a presentation respectively.


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