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Yuan Jiajun visits Lin'an to inspect and guide rescue and relief; typhoon-affected people have trust in government

Affected by "Lekima", the   western mountainous area of Lin'an suffered the largest short-term local   heavy rain in history on the 10th. The biggest rainfall in 24 hours was 455   mm, which is rare in history. Sudden mountain torrents, mudslides,   large-scale power outages, road collapses, and communication disruptions in   the towns of Daoshi and Longgang have caused four deaths and three lost in   Yinkeng Village, Daoshi Town. On the morning of the 11th, Governor Yuan   Jiajun rushed to Lin'an to inspect and guide the rescue and disaster relief there.   He stressed that although the typhoon has passed, the impact of the disaster   will continue for some time. All local governments and departments should   carry forward the spirit of continuous fights against flood disasters and   concentrate on such work as searching, rescue, emergency response, drainage,   repair and recovery, so as to rebuild our beautiful home and let the flood-affected   people settle down with comfort and confidence. Zhou Jiangyong accompanied   the visit.

On the way to Longgang Town, they could   see the scenes of mudslide-destroyed winding roads, houses and vehicles   everywhere. As they came to the Qianshan Tunnel, the road was blocked by stones   and mud. Yuan Jiajun walked to Huaguangtan Village to check the flood and ask   the villagers about the disaster: “What is the highest water level at that   time? Have the villagers been safely transferred? Are there specially   appointed people for special posts?" He encouraged the affected people   to cheer up their spirits, strengthen their confidence, actively carry out   self-rescue after the disaster, and strive to recover the losses caused by   the flood.

Daoshi Town is one of the most severely   afflicted areas of this super typhoon, which left everything devastated in   the area. Yuan Jiajun and Zhou Jiangyong went through the puddles and across   the stones into the home of disaster-afflicted families and carefully   observed the damages of the houses. In Huangchuan Village, where the disaster   was severe, the house of the 63-year-old Wang Hongsheng was destroyed by the   floods, and the whole family moved into the temporary shelters in the   village. Yuan Jiajun asked about his living conditions with concern. He hoped   that the family would take care of their health and overcome difficulties. He   also assured the people that the Party and the government will surely help to   rebuild their homes. Yuan Jiajun repeatedly told the local cadres to combine   the fight against the floods with the educational and service activities, to   show deep concern for the people, and to do a solid job in post-disaster   reconstruction, so that everyone may have a place to stay in, have food to   eat and water to drink, and every patient or injured person be treated   timely.

In the temporary rescue headquarters of Daoshi   Town, Yuan Jiajun was briefed on the searching and rescuing work for the   missing persons in Yinkeng Village, and discussed rescue and relief plans   with local cadres and officers of the armed police. He stressed that the   focus of Hangzhou flood control is in Lin'an, and Yinkeng Village is of the   top priority. Hangzhou City and Lin'an District should carry out central   dispatching and front command to win the battle against the typhoon. It is urgent   to send professional teams to do everything possible to search for and rescue   the missing people, and never let go of any hope. The top task for the   present is to rebuild the road and recover the power and communication. Relying   on the professional engineering forces of the armed police, we must race   against time to open the road to Yinkeng Village, to repair the power lines   and communication facilities, and to restore power supply and road traffic in   the shortest time. We must dispatch helicopters quickly to send   rescue and disaster relief equipment and daily necessities to the people, and   ensure that the people in the disaster areas have sufficient food and safe   drinking water. For the villagers who have returned, we must organize   one-on-one assistance, and provide them with strong support at the city,   county and township levels. We must restore the normal living order in the   affected areas as soon as possible, and comprehensively boost the confidence   of rebuilding beautiful homes and villages.


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