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Yuan Jiajun emphasized the promotion of high quality development through strengthening confidence and maintaining a correct political stance

On the morning August 14, Governor Yuan Jiajun was invited to attend the reading meeting of the chairmen of the people’s political consultative conference at all levels across Zhejiang Province and gave a report on the economic situation. Chairman of the Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference Ge Huijun presided over this meeting. Members of the chairman meeting of the Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the chairmen of the municipal, county (city, district) people’s political consultative conferences, etc. attended the meeting.

Yuan Jiajun first thanked the people’s political consultative conferences at all levels and the their members for their contributions to Zhejiang’s economic and social development. At the meeting, Yuan Jiajun focused on the exchange of seven major hot issues in the current economic and social development of the province. According to him, in terms of stabilizing enterprises and preventing risks, we must continue to strengthen the coordination of the province, cities and counties, and the collaboration of governments, banks and enterprises, to deepen and refine the work system of stabilizing enterprises and preventing risks and in particular to implement the smooth financing project in depth, substantially establish a risk monitoring network, and thus maintain the bottom line of avoiding regional financial risks. In response to economic and trade frictions, we must maintain a correct stance strategically, adhere to the bottom line thinking, go all out to do the work of “stabilizing six major tasks”, effectively make full use of the “order + list” monitoring and early warning system, carry out the “action for precisely serving foreign trade enterprises”, accelerate the cultivation of the high-level foreign trade platform, guide the global layout of service enterprises in an orderly manner, and strive to deal with the uncertain external environment with certain measures. In terms of tax reduction and fee reduction and the fiscal balance, we must pay attention to the combination of focusing on the present and planning for the future, deepen the “three services” activities, implement the national and provincial tax reduction and fee reduction policies and various preferential measures for enterprises in an unswerving manner, and strive to conserve tax sources and cultivate more quality tax sources through enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. In terms of the construction of the future communities, we should focus on the “humanistic, ecological, and digital” orientation, adhere to the principle of classification and promotion, and market operation, start the creation of the provincial-level pilot areas, focus on the transformation of old communities, and explore a number of scene innovation systems that lead high-quality life. In terms of ecological environment construction, we must thoroughly implement the “two mountains” concept, take the action plan for the creation of ecological civilization demonstration areas as the overall strategy, unswervingly do a good job in pollution prevention and control, focus on the treatment of domestic garbage and industrial waste, and promote the continuous improvement of the the ecology throughout the whole province. In terms of the defense against floods and typhoons and post-disaster reconstruction, we must vigorously carry forward the Zhejiang spirit, spare no effort to rebuild a beautiful homeland, do our best to secure disaster relief, and comprehensively start post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work; we must take a correct attitude towards the guiding spirit for the defense against floods and typhoons in the course of comprehensive summary of the experience and continuous improvement, take risks as accidents, focus on strengthening the mechanisms for the identification, research, prevention and control of major risks, and find weakness in the transfer of people from the mountain areas, the flood control in plain areas, the resolution of floods in key cities, and the rapid emergency response, and continuously improve capabilities for scientific prevention and control. In terms of the digital transformation of the government, we must highlight the function of “Zhejiang Government Ding”, “Online Service in Zhejiang” and “Internet + Supervision” to deepen the reform of “maximum one visit service procedure” and to solidly secure the joint construction of major projects across departments.

Yuan Jiajun hopes that the people’s political consultative conference at all levels across Zhejiang Province and the Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference will continue to care for, support and supervise the work of the government, to make good use of the consultation platforms such as “inviting you for consultation” and “meeting with PPCC members” closely on the basis of the key tasks of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, to make great efforts in terms of giving suggestions and reaching consensus, and to show the new look of the PPCC in the new era through the deepening of the “three services” activities.


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