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Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 27th executive meeting of the Provincial Government

On the afternoon, August 16, Governor Yuan Jiajun presided over the 27th executive meeting of the Provincial Government, focusing on the Provincial Government’s report on the activities of “serving enterprises, serving the masses, and serving the grassroots”.

According to the report at the meeting, since the beginning of this year, the provincial government and the provincial departments have been comprehensively implementing the unified deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and closely focusing on the theme education of “staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, to solidly carry out the “three services” activities, to go straight to the front line and focus on issues, to take innovative measures and make earnest efforts. These efforts managed to achieve rewarding results till now, solving a number of developmental problems that have plagued the production and operation of enterprises, implementing a number of major projects promoting high-quality development, solving a number of livelihood issues concerning the vital interests of the masses, compensating for a number of prominent aspects of weakness limiting the grassroots reform and development, and forming a list of policy systems designed to solve common problems. Taking leading roles, the Provincial Government has been focusing on the key task, including optimizing the business environment, implementing tax reduction and fee reduction policies, coping with economic and trade frictions, “securing the celebration of the Founding of the PRC”, promoting high-quality development of manufacturing, promoting education modernization, promoting the construction of a large-scales rescue system, and building beautiful towns, and has been conducting in-depth research at the grassroots level, has been actively coordinating problems, and has been guiding services in a timely manner. After the super typhoon “Lichima”, the Provincial Government leaders quickly rushed to the severely-affected areas to inspect and guide the rescue work, the disaster relief, and the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work and to work on the site to help solve the practical difficulties and problems in the disaster areas.

The meeting pointed out that the “three services” activity is a comprehensive carrier which promote the implementation of the decisions and deployments made by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. We must adhere to the requirements of guaranteeing the implementation of the “three services” by Secretary Che Jun, adhere to the problem-orientation, effect-orientation, and the orientation of people’s satisfaction, and highlight accuracy and effectiveness, strengthen departmental synergy, and innovate policy supply, so as to work together to make the “three services” activity a further resounding brand for Zhejiang.

We must make great made to carry out special actions for precision service for enterprises, and implement the tax reduction and fee reduction policies in a practical manner, so as to help enterprises solve practical problems, so as to do a good job in risk identification and prevention, and so as to better serve the overall situation of the “stabilizing six aspects”.

We must focus on implementing a new round of measures to stabilize foreign trade policies, effectively use the “order + list” monitoring and early warning system, and take more targeted measures to do a good job in helping foreign trade enterprises, to promote the steady improvement of the foreign trade in this province.

We must make great efforts to optimize the business environment, better solve the developmental problems that plague enterprises’ production and management, better solve the livelihood issues that concern the vital interests of the masses, and better compensate for the aspects of weakness that restrict the reform and development at the grassroots.

We must make great efforts to strengthen the feedback of problem supervision, highlight closed-loop management, effectively enforce the list of problems, the lists of implementation, and the list of responsibilities, and strengthen the tracking of quality.

We must focus on improving the long-term mechanism for the “three services” activities and effectively solve the common problems that the grassroots and enterprises reflect strongly.

It was stressed at the meeting that doing a good job in post-disaster reconstruction is a touchstone testing whether the “three services” work of the provincial departments is practical, effective and substantially-enforced or not. On the basis of the work in the previous stage, we must make persistent efforts and continue to strive to assume responsibilities, take the initiative to provide services, and go all out to guide and help the disaster-stricken areas to quickly build up the confidence anew. In this way, these areas will quickly restore production and living order, quickly restore urban and rural appearance, quickly repair the flood prevention facilities damaged by the rampant floods, and use the precise and effective “three services” to form a strong power for “wasting no time o rebuild a beautiful home”.


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