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Standing Committee members present at special democratic meeting held by relevant units on thematic education

In accordance with the arrangements of the Provincial Committee for the educational activities on the theme of "remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping in mind our mission", in the past few days, the Standing Committee members of the Provincial Party Committee went to the first group of the theme-education units to guide the special democratic meeting on educational activities.

Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun, Deputy Secretary and Governor Yuan Jiajun, and Deputy Secretary Zheng Zhajie participated respectively in the special democratic meeting of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Audit Office and the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information. Other Standing Committee members participated in the special democratic meeting of other relevant units.

At the democratic meeting, the secretary of the Party Committee (Party Group) of each unit made a self-inspection and criticism on behalf of the committee or group, and each team member made a personal self-inspection and analysis, and seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism. The Provincial Party Touring Group made comment on each meeting.

The Standing Committee members gave positive comments on the democratic meetings, saying that the meetings, focusing on the theme and main line, were fully prepared and achieved good results. At the meeting, the attendees carried out profound analyses and serious criticism and self-criticism, which was soul-touching. They dared to expose their shortcomings, had clear destination and specific measures, and met the general requirements of keeping the initial aspiration and finding out the gap. The Standing Committee members hoped that everyone will always maintain the mentality of "taking an examination" and promote the practice of the mission. For the rectification commitments made, they must be implemented one by one. For those that can be changed, they must be changed immediately, and for those that cannot be solved immediately, they must be watched carefully to get the outstanding problems solved.

The Standing Committee members demanded the government workers to take the political responsibilities of Zhejiang as an important political place, to continue to study and implement Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, and to show greater responsibility in learning and understanding. We should continue to study by overcoming the idea of “passing the test,”by taking responsibilities, by associating with the actual practice of Zhejiang, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and practice, and constantly hand over a satisfactory answer sheet. We must be more determined in achieving "two-aspect safeguarding" and show greater responsibility in strengthening political construction and eternal political loyalty. By maintaining our loyalty and capabilities, we should further strengthen the "four-aspect awareness" and the "four-aspect confidence", so as to promote the important guiding instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the major decisions of the Party Central Committee to be fully implemented in Zhejiang. We should further stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and show greater responsibility in promoting the high-quality development of our province. By making good efforts in the three major battles, in promoting the integrative development of the Yangtze River Delta and rural revitalization, in deepening the "maximum one visit service" reform and the "three-aspect service" activities, we should actively serve the overall economic and social development of the province and fully promote the major strategies and reforms to be fully implemented, so as to fulfill the people-centered development ideas. Facing the problems straightly, we should carry out self-targeted revolution by pointing the blade to ourselves, and show greater responsibility in the comprehensive and strict administration of the Party. By identifying the exact responsibilities for strict administration of the Party, we must strictly regulate the political life within the Party, tighten the political ecology more strictly, and further promote self-purification, self-improvement, and self-innovation, vigorously promote the construction of a clean and honest Zhejiang, and guide the Party members and cadres to maintain a political nature that is clean and honest.

The Standing Committee members stressed that although there is a deadline for the theme education, there is no end for our responsibilities to keep the mission. Party members and cadres at all levels must carry forward the good experience formed in the theme education, and promote the institutionalization of educational methods, and make long-term educational achievements. We should consciously stay true to our initial aspiration as a lifelong task, and turn the enthusiasm, enterprising spirit and struggle spirit in theme education into a powerful driving force for doing all kinds of work. We should strengthen our mission and pursue innovation, so as to make greater contributions to furthering the "double-eight strategy" and deepening reform and opening up.


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