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A network security exhibition held in Zhejiang Province

The period from September 16 to 22 is the National Cyber Security Publicity Week. The “New Era, New Situation, and New Security” cyber security exhibition, jointly organized by the Network Information Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the Network Information Office of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, was held in the Provincial People’s Assembly Hall on September 16. In the afternoon, Che Jun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Yuan Jiajun, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, visited the exhibition.

During their visit, the provincial leaders stopped repeatedly to watch and learn more about the overall situation about the cyber security in Zhejiang. Che Jun stressed that all relevant departments at all levels should conscientiously study and implement the important spirit of the instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the National Cyber Security Publicity Week, firmly establish the conception of cyber security for the people and by the people, and give full play to the advantages of the digital economy in this province, not only to vigorously foster the development of new technologies and applications, but also to strictly implement the responsibility system for the network security and effectively strengthen management according to law to ensure that network security is controllable. Che Jun also emphasized that the network information departments and the relevant departments at all levels should closely cooperate to organize network security inspections and vigorously develop the network security industry, to crack down on network crimes and thus to ensure network security.

This exhibition mainly focuses on a series of important instructions on cyber security by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the laws, regulations and standards related to cyber security introduced since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the achievements of cyber security in this province, the risks and challenges in the digital era, as well as the common methods of cyber attacks. This exhibition is designed to help the leader of the Party and government organizations build up the concept of the overall cyber security of the country, recognize the current cyber security situation, effectively raise awareness of cyber security, earnestly fulfill assume responsibilities for cyber security, and strive to improve skills concerning cyber security and levels of prevention.

Chen Jinbiao, Zhu Guoxian, Zhou Jiangyong, Wang Changrong, Feng Wenping, Wang Shuangquan, and Gao Xingfu visited the exhibition.


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